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Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

Does Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

You may have worn metal jewelry that quickly erodes with time, turns green, or makes your skin appear green. As a result, while buying Cubic Zirconia jewelry, you will eagerly wish to know if the piece can turn green or not.

Therefore, let’s explore more about Cubic Zirconia, including the explanation of whether it can turn green or not.

Now, does cubic zirconia turn green? The answer is both yes and no. An authentic Cubic Zirconia jewelry doesn’t turn green or tint the skin green. However, when low-quality Cubic Zirconia is combined with brass and copper, it will turn green to affect the skin.

Furthermore, some pieces of Cubic Zirconia have bands coated with silver, rhodium, or gold, which tarnishes and turns the skin green as the plating wears away.

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia is a cubic crystalline form of Zirconium oxide, and Zirconium Dioxide melted with stabilizers. It’s ideal for making fabulous jewelry by melting Zirconium Oxide plus stabilizers.

In addition, you need to know that a genuine Cubic Zirconia doesn’t turn skin green, doesn’t tarnish on its own, and doesn’t irritate the skin.

However, most jewelers have been found combining copper and brass with the Cubic Zirconia, thus lowering the quality of Cubic Zirconia. As a result, jewelry composed of Cubic Zirconia tarnishes and turns the skin green.

Many pieces of Cubic Zirconia jewelry are also lightly plated with rhodium, silver, platinum, and gold. If such a piece of jewelry is worn every day, the layering will wear away, causing the Cubic Zirconia to tarnish and the skin to become green.

The combination isn’t harmful to the skin in any case. However, it’s recommended that you get genuine Cubic Zirconia jewelry to escape the aspect of your jewelry turning green to affect your skin.

Does Genuine Cubic Zirconia Turn Green?

Genuine Cubic Zirconia jewelry doesn’t turn green to tint your finger or any other area of the skin. The word “genuine Cubic Zirconia” means that the item is 100 percent real.

Therefore, it’s apparent that a genuine piece of Cubic Zirconia is of excellent quality and purity and that it doesn’t tarnish or turn green. Furthermore, authentic Cubic Zirconia isn’t tainted with other low-cost metals, such as copper or brass.

The cubic crystalline form of melted Zirconium oxide, and Zirconium Dioxide is of top-notch quality and will never turn green to color up your skin no matter how much you wear it.

Furthermore, genuine Cubic Zirconia is not thinly plated with other metals such as platinum, rhodium, silver, or gold. As a result, there’s no risk of any thin layers of the plating wearing away, causing Cubic Zirconia to turn green. Generally, a genuine Cubic Zirconia won’t turn green.

Why Cubic Zirconia Turn Green

Because it is well known that Cubic Zirconia can turn green to paint your skin, the primary reasons are discussed below;

  • Abrasion

Almost everyone uses perfumes, lotions, and petroleum jelly. The chemicals in these treatments react quickly with diamonds, which is one of the reasons Cubic Zirconia turns skin green.

  • Fusing Cubic Zirconia with Brass, Copper, or Any Other Metal

Several jewelers have been combining Cubic Zirconia with brass, copper, and other metals to create jewelry. As a result, the fusion of brass and copper reduces the quality of Cubic Zirconia, resulting in jewelry that is literally of inferior quality. Wearing such low-quality Cubic Zirconia daily causes it to oxidize, tarnish, and turn your skin green.

  • The Reaction of Copper and Acidic Sweat

The sweat we produce is acidic. As previously stated, Cubic Zirconia contains copper, a more reactive metal. When copper comes into touch with acidic sweat, it reacts and oxidizes on the skin. Cubic Zirconia, as a result, produces green stains on the skin.

  • Body pH

The pH of the human body fluctuates. When the body pH level is lower, the skin becomes green whenever it comes into contact with Cubic Zirconia fused with inexpensive metals like brass or copper.

How to Prevent Cubic Zirconia from Turning Green

You may have noticed that some Cubic Zirconia have the potential of turning your skin green. Luckily, there are hacks you can employ to prevent your Cubic Zirconia jewelry from tarnishing or coloring your skin green.

Here are the four excellent methods for preventing Cubic Zirconia from turning green;

Buy High-Quality Cubic Zirconia

The type of cubic zirconia that tints the skin green after some time is low-quality Cubic Zirconia. As a result, the first step in avoiding Cubic Zirconia that turns green is to stop buying low-quality Cubic Zirconia. Especially the Cubic Zirconia plated in gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium.

Remove Cubic Zirconia before Exercising

Cubic Zirconia contains copper, which reacts with acidic sweat. Therefore, you need to remove Cubic Zirconia jewelry before exercising to prevent it from oxidizing your skin and coloring it green.

Take Off Cubic Zirconia before Applying Lotion or a Perfume

Cubic Zirconia is affected by the compounds found in lotions, perfumes, and petroleum jelly. So, while using any of these things on your body, remove your Cubic Zirconia jewelry to avoid turning your skin green.

Clean and Polish the Cubic Zirconia More Often

Cleaning and polishing Cubic Zirconia jewelry regularly is another excellent approach to prevent it from turning green. Due to routine cleaning and polishing, Cubic Zirconia won’t undergo the continuous oxidation process.


Generally, Cubic Zirconia can either turn green or not. Typically, it can’t turn green if it’s the genuine Cubic Zirconia that is not fused with any other metal. On the other hand, if the Cubic Zirconia is combined with metals like brass, silver, gold, and silver, it will turn green.

Therefore, if you don’t want to have a Cubic Zirconia that can turn your skin green, the best option is to buy high-quality jewelry that is 100% Cubic Zirconia.

If you get the ones that come in combination, things like sweat, lotion, perfumes, and jewelry, plus the body pH, will stimulate its process of tarnishing and turning the skin green.

With the genuine Cubic Zirconia, it’s less likely that the piece will color the skin green or tarnish due to continuous use. The skin will turn green if the Cubic Zirconia is created with metals like brass and copper or if it contains gold, silver, or rhodium.