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Do You Wear Socks With Booties

Do You Wear Socks With Booties

Perhaps the most exciting part of transitioning from the mid-year season to cooler weather is the opportunity to pull out your boots. They’re both a style staple and an approach to express your personality. And socks are no different.

Quality boot socks are essential to anyone who wears work boots or any other type of boot. Note that a good pair of boots is made better with a nice pair of socks and a great pair of boots will only seam typically if the socks are likewise. After all, if you want to invest in a pair of serious work boots, it also makes sense to get some great socks to go with them- that’s how you get the best out of your booties.

But what defines great socks for work or outdoor pursuits? If you haven’t yet explored how to wear booties with socks, it could be the knowledge that hoists your fashion. Wearing socks with booties is simple and fun; aside from elevating your fashion game, knowing how to pair socks with boots can make you more comfortable while wearing them.

When you foster the styling skills of how to wear socks with boots, the footwear will end up lasting longer. That means you won’t have to keep shopping for new outfits to switch up your style.

Pairing Socks With Booties

Developing the knack of how to pair socks with booties can take a bit of practice and some quiet confidence. Speaking of style, the unspoken rules of socks can feel as rigid as the old rule of thumb, “don’t wear white after labor day”.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to hold back when discovering your style edge, down to your socks and booties. Just keep in mind that boots are best worn with casual and business casual outfits, and that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this guide.

While there’re many ways to approach your style, there’re several factors that go into how to pair socks with booties. You can change it around depending on your mood, outfit, or occasion. If you’re not sure of what length of socks to go with, think through what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you want a playful summer look with your suave boot? Are you planning for a comfortable fall fashion? Are you looking for a layered casual look maybe for a chilly winter day? Once you’ve determined what you want to achieve with your look, you can easily focus on the sock length that will complement your style. When exploring how to wear socks with booties, you can always apply your personal style and creativity as well.

Benefits to Wearing Socks with Booties

It is highly recommended that you wear socks with booties. One of the major benefits to wearing socks with boots is that a good pair of socks wicks away moisture and are likely to incorporate antibacterial properties.

Aside from keeping you odorless and maintaining the condition of your boots, good socks prevent the development of blisters on your joints and improve temperature regulation. That means your feet will remain cool and dry even in the warmer months.

Great boot socks don’t just cover your feet. What you will get is a balance of factors. Of course, they need to be comfortable, but they’re a few other benefits as well. They provide a bit of cushioning, which is essential considering that quality walking footwear should provide shock absorption.

Also, as mentioned before, boot socks should be a tad longer than the boot shaft itself. That doesn’t mean you wear leggings but it’s a good idea for the socks to extend just above the top of the boot.

Best Materials for Boot Socks

Similar to other types of socks, boot socks are made in a wide range of materials. Wool, cotton, Lycra, and many blends and permutations in between. The materials are neither good nor bad. They have their own pros and cons, which is rather helpful when finding the right choice for you.

Socks made of cotton are usually thick and may have a pillow-like feel to them right of the box. They might shed a bit with moderate wear, but the thicker they are, the more cushion they retain after breaking in.

The benefits of cotton socks stem from their comfort level and reasonable cost. A pack of boot socks isn’t awfully expensive. On the flip side, these socks are absorbent and will easily stink from sweat. Cotton socks don’t retain heat very well and can’t be used when wet. They are not good for winter conditions so you might keep that in mind when going outdoors.

Wool socks, meanwhile, are often considered the best for many applications as they have a long going for them. Of course, wool naturally absorbs moisture but unlike cotton, it retains heat even when wet. Subject to the type of wool used, boot socks made of wool can even block odor. One downside, however, depending on the type, wool socks can get really warm.

Another great material to look for is a blend of acrylic wool. You get the lightness and form-fitting nature of acrylic fabrics and the warmth of wool. And you’ll hardly get wet. High-quality wool acrylic blend socks are usually less expensive compared to merino wool. Plus, it delivers just about the same when it comes to comfort. Regardless of what type of boots you have, investing in quality socks will only make them more comfortable and keep your feet warm, and in good health.