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Do Bean Boots Run Big?

Do Bean Boots Run Big?

L.L Bean Boots are the best boots you can buy for rainy or snowy weather. Their boot-making prowess goes back over a century. Their shoes are hand-made and provide top-notch quality. But before ordering your bean boots, you must be wondering do bean boots run big?

Bean Boots run big across men’s and women’s sizes. It is recommended you wear a size or size and a half down if you wear thin or medium thickness socks. This means if you are a size 8, you should buy size 7 or size 6.5 bean boots. 

But if you wear thick socks and are full size, you should opt for your normal size or half a size down depending on your fit.

Bean Boots are excellent for harsh weather, especially winters. They come in various sizes, heights, widths and are designed so that you can insulate yourself with your comfort in mind.

This article will break down the sizing and fitting you need to buy the perfect Bean Boots.

L.L Bean Boots Sizing

L.L Bean Boots are made for women, men, or children. Bean Boots are available in various sizes, heights, and widths for different people. These boots are made only in full sizes and usually should be worn a size or size and a half down.

Here are the various sizes and width fittings available.

  • Men – Bean Boots for men are available from size 4 to size 20. They also come with 3 width fittings. These are wide, medium, and narrow.
  • Women – Women’s bean boots start at size 4 and end at size 13. Sadly, there isn’t much option for width fittings as they only come with medium width.
  • Children – Bean Boots for children run from size 10 to size 8. Since there is no length measurement supplied for bean boots, measure your child’s foot in centimeters to find the right size.

How Do Bean Boots Fit?

This is the part that gets a bit complicated. Bean Boots are made specifically for use in harsh weather conditions like snow and rain. They also take into consideration the fact that you might want to insulate yourself.

The sizing down usually depends on your choice of socks or other insulation. You might wear thick socks, thin socks, or medium thickness socks.

Thin Or Medium Thickness Socks

If you wear thin or medium thickness socks, and your foot is a whole size, you should opt for a size down. But if your normal wearing size is a half-size, you should choose a size and a half down.

For example, if you are a size 8 and wear thin or medium socks, you should choose a size 7. But if you are a size 7.5 and wear similar socks, you should go for a size 6.

Thick Socks

Thick socks or winter boot liners again change this formula a bit. Thick socks take up a fair amount of space but provide a lot of insulation. They are the perfect socks if you’re worried about your feet getting cold in extremely cold or snowy weather.

If you wear thick socks or winter boot liners and are a whole size, you should opt for your normal size. In case you are a half size, choose half a size down.

For example, if you are a size 8 and wear thick socks, choose a size 8. But if you are a size 7.5, you should go for the size 7 boots.

These sizes are not set in stone. If you think going a size and a half down might not be the best option for you, wear your sock choice while trying the boots on.

What Height Of Bean Boots Should You Choose?

L.L Bean Boots comes in 3 different height styles. You can buy the 6-inch style, or 8-inch style, or the 10-inch style. Each height style depends on personal fitting and comfort. While some find the 8 inches comfortable, some might opt for the 6 inches.

Each height style has different insulation features too. Let’s see some of these!

6-Inch Bean Boots

These boots have no additional insulation features. They are not the perfect boots to wear in winters. However, these boots run large and provide ample space to wear boot liners or thick socks.

They also have a length preferred for warm weather. The only disadvantage is that some people find the end of the boot, which is above the ankle, at an awkward spot.

8-Inch Bean Boots

These are the most versatile among the available options. They are perfect for wearing all year round. They come in various types such as standard, shearling-lined, Thinsulate, and Gore-Tex boots. The Thinsulate versions provide extra insulation and more warmth.

The standard and Thinsulate boots are the best options for all year round wearing and winters where the temperatures don’t go too low. The Gore-Tex and shearling-lined are the best options for peak winters.

10-Inch Bean Boots

The 10-inch Bean Boots come in similar types as 8-inch boots. They are perfect for people who want more insulation and comfort.  

Similar to the 8-inch variants, the standard and Thinsulate are perfect for all seasons. The Gore-Tex and shear lining boots are perfect for harsh winters as they provide more insulation than the Thinsulate variants.

Final Thoughts

Bean Boots are perfect for weather conditions like peak winters and snow. Under most circumstances, L.L Bean Boots run big and need to be sized down. This size depends on your choice of liners and socks.

It is advised that you select your size and size it down according to the type of sock you intend on wearing.

These rules aren’t set in stone, and you should choose wisely according to your comfort. If going down a size and a half is too much, you can try just half a size down and see your comfort.

Overall, Bean Boots can be worn all year round or in peak seasons. Just make sure you choose your appropriate size to get the most out of them.