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Dansko Alternatives

Dansko Alternatives

Dansko clogs boast great recognition among teachers and nurses, and airline stewards as well as those who spend much time on their feet during workdays. Most people prefer it due to the comfort level it offers.

The explanation behind Dansko’s prominence is that these shoes are all-day comfortable. They are strong leather shoes with elevated heels that do not cause leg fatigue or pain associated with wearing shoes for long periods. They are practical, yet they don’t fall short on looks.

However, like everything in life, Dansko isn’t an outright perfect brand. One major gripe is that sometimes the shoes are just way too expensive (typically costing +120 at most retailers). That said, our emphasis on this post is to take you through the best Dansko knock-offs.

These Dansko alternatives are similar to the originals but come at a relatively affordable price for the budget crowd who cannot obtain real Dansko shoes in the market.

Well, a pair of clogs, for instance, might not sport the same aesthetics as a pair of stilettos, but with Dansko footwear, you’re likely to excuse the shortfalls of clogs. Below is a list of the five best shoes like Dansko that are practical, well-made but do not leave a hole in your wallet after purchase.

Here the Best Shoes That Look Like Dansko

Sanita Women’s Professional PU Clog

Short Sanita story: Sanita was initially known for manufacturing Dansko clogs from the early 90s to around 2007. A large number of clog lovers perceive these to be the hype days of Dansko’s comfort. Thus if you want to enjoy or relive that era, where else to buy from other than Sanita?

All things considered, the Sanita Women’s Professional PU Clog is a budget alternative to Dansko, equipped with a long list of features. The whole thing is attractive and features water-resistant uppers derived from PU leather.

There’s also a nice yet not overbearing heel height that comes in at around 1.75 inches. The arch support coupled with an anatomical footbed to provide maximum comfort and slip-resistant. Not to mention the polyurethane outsole that comes in handy for excellent sustainable traction when you need it the most.


  •       Slip-resistant outsole
  •       Affordable Dansko alternative
  •       Synthetic sole
  •       PU leather

 Skechers for Work Women’s Slip Resistant Clog

Chances are you didn’t know Skechers makes clogs. These comfortable slip–on shoes lives up to the brand’s reputation with excellent features. They have a padded collar for added comfort plus a shock-absorbing midsole to minimize the stress on your joints as well as tendons, especially during those long-standing or walking hours.

The shoes are also equipped with OSHA-compliant anti-slip rubber outsole for situations where slippage is possible.


  •       Durable construction
  •       Removable insole
  •       Slip-resistant
  •       Surprisingly affordable
  •       Excellent shock absorbency

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SR MAX Geneva Women’s Slip Resistant Clog

First off, SR MAX is a company that offers numerous anti-slip footwear of different designs and brands, each of which is independently tested for reliable slip resistance.

On that note, the Genoa slip-on clogs are one of those shoes that feature the MaxTrax slip-resistant outsole for excellent traction, should that be something you’re interested in.

The shoe is also lightweight featuring an Eva footbed alongside a padded arch and shock subsiding midsole for ultimate comfort. The uppers are made of beautiful, breathable, yet durable full-grain leather for the long haul.


  •       Lightweight EVA footbed
  •       SR MaxTrax anti-slip outsole
  •       Comfortable shock-absorbing outsole
  •       Slip-on design
  •       High-quality full-grain leather upper

Crocs Work Shoes and Clogs

There’s no doubt that crocs shoes sport a very comparative look to that of Dansko shoes. Crocs Shoe Company has a line of work shoes and clogs that are ideal for professionals who work-intensive jobs.

One great feature of these shoes is that they’re also available in a range of designs and patterns on the uppers, much like Dansko. The Women’s Neria Pro II clog, for instance, is an affordable option for the budget crowd that values comfort and quality.

These shoes feature a fully model synthetic outer that can be cleaned easily. There’s also the triple crocs comfort footbed that contours to the shape of your feet from all directions.

Besides, it is a reliable pair as it’s equipped with a slip-resistant tread that protects you from slippage. With a great focus on comfort, crocs offer the same features as most Dansko clogs do. This includes the enclosed upper that meets work standards to keep your feet safe.

Crocs also have a convenient design, making them perfect for slipping on and off. The shoes also meet the En ISO 20347: 2012, OB, and SRC standards. More importantly, the shoes are cheaper compared to Dansko, yet they are packed with so many undeniable features.


  •       Comfy footbed
  •       Slip-resistant tread
  •       Available in a range of colors

Easy Spirit Shoes

Aside from making clogs, Dansko provides an extended line of everyday comfortable shoes- something that Easy Spirit Shoes excels in, too, only at a lower price. These shoes are designed to be as comfortable as possible and are available in different versions, including clogs, booties, and even sandals.

One good example of what the Easy Spirit shoe company offers is its Boom Sandals. These are flexible, lightweight, slip-on wedge sandals that look and feel comfortable.

These sandals are made bearing in mind all types of feet to ensure a great fit, even for the wide-footed. The insoles of these shoes feature an Eva molded comfy footbed that adds ample cushioning.

Coming down to outsoles, the shoes are Elong molded to provide maximum traction. Shoes like Dansko sandals, such as Maci, also sport a similar slide-built quality and offer an excellent feel with textured leather. However, contrary to Boom Sandals from Easy Spirit, the maintenance of these shoes might not be that easy due to the premium material.

With an equivalent amount of variety like Dansko shoes, Easy Spirit Shoes, together with their models like Boom, actually do challenge the notion only pricey products are of excellent quality.


  •       Maximum traction
  •       Flexible and lightweight
  •       Available in different versions

The Bottom Line

We know cheap can be expensive, but comfort doesn’t have to be as costly. The above-mentioned Dansko alternatives are more affordable, comfortable and are designed to last just like an average Dansko shoe would. Select any pair from the above rundown and enjoy excellent comfort and style without breaking the bank.