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Big cartel vs Etsy

Big cartel vs Etsy

Starting a business selling handcrafted goods can be a challenging undertaking. However, various online platforms have enabled tremendous growth in this field. Etsy and Big cartel are two examples of such marketplaces. However, despite both sites being created in 2005, many people are unfamiliar with Big Cartel. This guide will compare the two and assist you in determining which option is best for you.

Big cartel vs Etsy: Overview

Big Cartel

Big Cartel was established in 2005. Wigham, the platform’s founder, wanted to build a way of selling his own band’s merchandise online as a musician and web developer. Wigham teamed up with Turner, an experienced developer, and established a more straightforward and more inexpensive way for all musicians and record labels to sell their work on the internet.

Since 2005, the platform has enabled different creators, from bakers to fashion designers, to open their personalized online shops and sell their work. By 2018, the site had about a million users, had made over $2.4 billion in artist sales, and had been recognized in the Forbes list of America’s Best Small Businesses.

Big Cartel is known for its emphasis on simplicity. Both a website and an iOS app are available for use with the platform.

Pricing and Fees

Big Cartel offers four different monthly pricing options.

  • Gold: Free for five products
  • Platinum: $9.99 per month for 50 products
  • Diamond: $19.99 per month for a total of 250 products
  • Titanium: $29.99 per month for 500 listings



Big Cartel has a feature that allows you to customize your store.

Multi-Channel Selling 

Big Cartel allows you to share links, which is helpful if you want to market your shop on social media. You can also sell in person, online, and on Facebook with Big Cartel.

Has Some Free Features Available

Even though Big Cartel isn’t recognized for having many extras, you won’t have to pay for the following:

  • Platform Security
  • Order management
  • SEO 
  • Customer Service


It’s Not Suitable For Larger Stores or Those That Require Extensive Functionality

Big Cartel has fewer listing possibilities compared to some other online marketplaces. Also, because the monthly charge is fixed, you must pay it whether or not you earn sales. Unfortunately, if sales are exceptionally slow, this can harm your finances.

The Platform Has No Rating or Review System

Because the platform does not have a rating system, your prospective clients won’t know if you’ve already catered to many buyers.

There is Less Flexibility

Big Cartel is a self-contained site that is more difficult to manipulate compared to other sites. This means you’ll have fewer customization possibilities and will be more reliant on the out-of-the-box structure of your Big Cartel site.

Payment Options are Limited

With a Big Cartel store, you have two payment options: Stripe or PayPal. 


Etsy is a website where millions of artists and craftspeople sell their items. Since 2005, the site has contributed to promoting handmade goods by offering a place for customers to find and buy one-of-a-kind items. Etsy has also added crafting tools and vintage items to its curated collection.

The website has grown as well. There are currently 5 million active businesses and 80 million daily shoppers on the platform.

Etsy allows people to sell items online in a variety of ways. You can sell on Etsy or with their pattern website builder tool on your website.

Curators, artists, and designers searching for a simple way to sell their work online would love Etsy.


Below are some of the charges you are likely to encounter if you choose to sell on Etsy:

  • Listing fees of 20 cents that last for four months or until they sell
  • Payment processing fees of 3% plus 25 cents
  • Transaction fee that equals 5% of the entire amount
  • Fee for offsite ads that equals 15%, which is only charged if a sale is made from one of these web ads.


It’s Simple to Use.

Etsy’s online marketplace is designed so that everyone can use it. Some e-commerce platforms need skills in designing, coding, or a significant amount of effort to set up, whereas Etsy allows you to create a shop in minutes. The site also has a “pattern” service that makes the selling process more manageable.

Niche Markets

Niches are, in a nutshell, why many people sell on Etsy. To put it another way, it is a beneficial e-commerce platform. Etsy also has an infinite number of listings. You can list up to 100 well-known items and be charged a listing fee of 20-cent per listing.

Thanks to Etsy’s excellent search tool, buyers will have no difficulty finding all of your items. Marketing is also a breeze with Etsy’s marketplace platform. Since the platform is well-known worldwide, you don’t need to encourage clients to shop online utilizing social media; they will come to you.

A Sense of Security

Customers are more comfortable exploring your Etsy store since Etsy gives them a feeling of safety. Other consumers will be aware that they are involved in a valid transaction because purchasers can submit feedback in the form of a review or a star rating.


Customizing Your Shop is Not Possible

Customization of the Etsy shop is not possible. Because you’re selling on the Etsy site, the platform typically has the final say in what happens. If a rule infringement is suspected, the platform has the authority to shut down your store immediately and without warning.

It’s Expensive

Payments on Etsy are also fairly pricey, which is a disadvantage for merchants searching for a more affordable platform.

It’s Packed With Handcrafted and Vintage Items

Small handcrafted business entrepreneurs have exclusive access to Etsy businesses. If you’re not selling supplies, handcrafted goods, or vintage stuff, you’ll need to locate another e-commerce site.

Final Verdict

We hope this article has taken you through everything you need to know concerning Big Cartel vs. Etsy. However, deciding which one is better than the other is a matter of personal taste and preference.