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Best Work Boots for High Arches

Best Work Boots for High Arches

When it comes to shopping for the best work boots for high arches, it’s imperative to know what exactly defines the comfort and support level of a certain pair of boots. After all, you don’t want your feet to hurt right after purchase. Comfort is an influential factor that you should consider.

Selecting a pair of boots or any other footwear based on their aesthetics is not such a feasible thing. If you ask me, I will go with a boot based on their comfort level rather than looks. 

Speaking of comfort, this includes the cushioning type, support, shock absorbency, safety elements, and all other features you may expect from a reliable pair of boots.

When planning to buy a pair of work boots, choose from those with excellent arch support. Such boots come with several benefits that are not featured in most regular work boots.

Arch support boots are linked with the ability to distribute pressure throughout the leg. They also provide stability, support, and effective pain alleviation.

If you’re suffering from chronic foot pain, there are high chances that you have high arches. Persons with high arches tend to experience difficult times preventing themselves against high impacts and shocks, especially when working or standing for long hours.

Most people with high arched feet usually return from wok with swollen feet. Not to mention that this pain sometimes gets worse, causing serious problems like plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia.

However, wearing the best boots for high arches could help eliminate such complications and achieve a comfortable and pain-free experience. In this guide, we have discussed the best-selling work boots, which are rated the best for high arches.

Here are The Best Work Boots for High Arches

Timberland Men’s Pitboss 6 Pro Steel Toe Boot

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The Pit Boss offers everything you could expect from a steel toe boot. Safe, tough, and comfortable, these leather work boots comply with ANSI safety standards and incorporate slip- and abrasion-resistant outsoles for maximum traction.

Timberland Men’s Pitboss 6 is a premium quality work boots that comes at a surprisingly budget price tag. The model is designed with Nubuck leather, making it extremely durable. The upper section is carefully ragged for comfort, while the Goodyear welt construction comes in handy to enhance longevity. This seamlessly makes the outsoles easily replaceable.

The boots are lightweight and will ensure excellent traction on all surfaces. They also feature a steel safety toe, which protects your feet from electric hazards. The boots’ interior is designed with Cambrelle cushioning, with antimicrobial treatment to avoid shoe odor.

The removable footbed allows for a plush feel to your feet, and you can customize the comfort level to match your preference.

There’s a nylon shank built into the boots to control your feet’ movements on all surfaces while maintaining good shock absorbency. Additionally, the boots are available in white, brown, deep brown, and black colors.


  •       Lightweight and durable
  •       Protection against electric hazards
  •       Includes antimicrobial treatments


  •       The upper is not waterproof.

Caterpillar Men’s Steel Second Shift Work Boot

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The Caterpillar Men’s Steel Second Shift Work Boot delivers comfort, protection, and durability to support you throughout the day, irrespective of the work at hand.

They are sturdy and comfortable and are made from quality leather with a steel shank to support your arches. Yet they are incredibly lightweight. The rugged design and top-quality leather make this boot an excellent daily choice, whether on or off the job.

The Caterpillar Men’s Steel Second Shift Work Boots are waterproof and flexible for ultimate comfort. You will achieve flexible movements as the quality oiled full-grain leather offers protection and long-term durability. 

The interior ankle section is padded to keep your foot comfortable and prevent bruises on the ankles during performances. The interiors feature climasphere sock liner, which is breathable to reduce moisture. The Caterpillar Men’s Steel Second Shift Work Boot is available in two stylings; one with a steel toe and the one without. The outsole and the toe are highly resistant to impacts and electric hazards.

It also features a Goodyear construction that connects the uppers to the rubber outsoles, meaning the outsole can be easily replaced. The boots ensure ample arch support to your arches while helping subside shock when walking.


  •       Incredibly lightweight work boots
  •       Highly resistant to electrical hazards
  •       Features a steel shank
  •       Durable construction


  •       Not waterproof enough

Thorogood Men’s MAXwear American Heritage 6 Safety Wedge Toe Box

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As one of the most visible brands in the footwear range, Thorogood has persistently focused on craftsmanship, comfort, and innovation, without overlooking the importance of high arches work boots to most men’s livelihood and getting the job done.

The company manufactures job-fitted boots for electricians, ironworkers, boilermakers, utility linemen, etc. So you can count on their MAXwear American Heritage model 6  to perform any specialized job.

To further satisfy your needs, the model’s extended sizes, styles, and metatarsal guards bring the much-needed room for your feet to wiggle.

As the name suggests, Thorogood work boots are thorough in their construction, featuring innovative designs for comfort and styles. They stated metatarsal guards come in handy to alleviate pain in high arched feet.

The shoes are meant to keep you safe from electrical hazards with their rubber outsoles. The removable footbed is excellent when it comes to shock absorption. There’s also the Poron cushioning inner sole that adds to the overall comfort.

Designed for most users, the MAXwear American Heritage model 6 is the best-selling work boots and is made to last. They look great at a glance, with stylish tobacco oil-toned fabric that allows for breathability.

These iconic work boots are crafted in the US by union professionals who know much about what it takes to have the best boots for high arches.


  •       Oil-, slip-resistant rubber outsole
  •       Shock-resisting outsoles
  •       The boots are quite fashionable
  •       Insoles shock effectively
  •       Removable footbed gives room for custom orthotics


  •       The shoes are not waterproof
  •       Not the best for most harsh conditions

Skechers Men’s Condor Workshire High Arch Memory Foam Work Boots

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We all know that Skechers is an award-winning global brand in the footwear industry. The company designs and promotes authentic footwear that suits users across all ages and genders. 

The company’s massive achievements stem from its top-notch quality, versatile, and budget product line that hits consumers’ deference styles and needs.

From the beginning- 1992- the Skechers’ huge product offering has evolved from utility style boots to introduce five Skechers, specially branded fashion and seven brand lines for men and women.

The Skechers Condor Workshire High Arch Memory Foam Work Boots are certainly suitable for high arched persons looking for greater comfort. It is designed for comfort, style, and balance while walking. The insoles are coupled with memory foam cushioning that offers the best support and agrees to the natural shape of the wearer’s feet. 

There’s also the electric hazard safety mechanism incorporated to ensure protection for your feet. The rubber outsoles are oil-resistant and will remain intact even when exposed to spill falls. It features a soft toe in the forefoot and high-grip to combat pressure on your feet while walking. The soft toe box also brings comfort to the feet to avoid foot pain.

The tongue and the ankle collar are closely padded, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or friction. These best boots for high arches are designed with superior arch support and maintains stability while walking. The pair is offered in brown and black colors.


  •       Wide toe box for maximum comfort
  •       Slip and oil-resistant outsole
  •       Very affordable work boots
  •       Protective to electrical hazards


  •       Available in men’s sizes only

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Carhartt Men’s 6 Industrial Energy Boot

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Say goodbye to all of your feet pain with these Carhartt Men’s Energy Boots. The pair is made to be waterproof and protects you against all elements. It comes with a dual-density insole that conforms to the shape of your high arch feet.

Waterproof and breathable, the pair is a real storm defender. It is developed with a waterproof membrane that keeps your feet cool and dry all day long. Moreover, it keeps your feet safe from outside moisture.

The breathable allows your feet to remain cool and fresh by enhancing molded rubber toe bumper- this is the brand’s patented technology that offers maximum arch support to eliminate foot fatigue.

Shock Absorbing insert and the great cushioning level couples with the lightweight EVA midsole for effective shock absorption. The energy rubber outsole ensures grip and traction without compromising on flexibility.

What’s more. The boots are slip-, oil-, chemical-, and heat- resistant. So you don’t have to fret about falling while working. The toe box is protective and accommodative, and the upper is well ventilated for airflow circulation.

Overall, the Carhartt Men’s 6 Industrial Energy Boot is exceptionally comfortable and provides ample arch support.


  •       Excellent quality
  •       Comfortable footbed
  •       Waterproof construction
  •       Composite toe box
  •       Electric protection of up to 1800 volts


  •       Not among the most lightweight
  •       Does not incorporate a steel shank

 Wolverine Men’s Steel Toe 6 Raider Work Boot

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You might want to consider the Wolverine Steel Toe 6 Rider Work Boot for genuine comfort and high arch support. It is versatile, protective, and great for most occupations.

This particular option is an incredible deal for any person looking to make things easier on their feet, knees, back, simply all over.

The Wolverine Raider boot comes with a steel toe for maximum protection and is designed to deliver seamless comfort. These steel toe work boots are endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

This model is also recognized as a legendary brand in America since its introduction in 1883. It is constructed with the best materials and is carefully rugged to provide optimum comfort for high arches. It comes in a simple design that does not fall short for stability and arch support.

Made tough with an athletic touch, these top-rated steel toe boots feature dual contour welt technology that makes it flexible and comfortable enough to give you peace of mind.

Maximum traction is guaranteed, regardless of whether you’re working on slick surfaces or hard cement. The lugged, slip-free, and abrasion-resistant rubber sole always comes in handy.

The footbed is easy to remove. That means you can easily apply your preferred orthotics to customize the support level—the rubber outsole aids in promoting stability while working.

The upper section features a CK mesh lining that allows the feet to breathe, reducing extreme temperatures inside the shoes. In other words, this is a superb choice for anyone with high arches.


  •       Well-ventilated CK mesh lining
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Full-grain leather upper
  •       Steel toe to maximize safety
  •       Excellent grip from slip, abrasion, and oily surfaces



  •       Versatile but not waterproof
  •       Traction is not at its best

Timberland Men’s Pro 8’ Direct Attach Arch Support Work Boots

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The famous eight-inch Timberland Work Boots are designed to be as adaptive as possible for worksite survival. Made for the most vigorous work, these safety boots are meant to protect you against blisters, cold, and rain.

It’s made with waterproof leather alongside seam-sealed construction that makes it ideal for most occupations. These waterproof boots will keep you cool and dry, allowing you to concentrate on the job at hand.

It incorporates superior electric hazard protection that keeps you safe from naked circuits. What’s better, it makes your feet feel comfortable throughout with an extra roomy toe box and lots of cushioning support.

Besides being a leading brand in the footwear industry, Timberland set a standard for quality craftsmanship, durability, and protection when they first introduced these authentic, waterproof leather boots.

These rugged boots are designed to keep you moving even during those extended shifts. Loaded with performance, this pair features superior insulation for warmth and keeps you free from slip or oiled floorings. So traction is well guaranteed.

Buy these exquisitely designed leather work boots, and your high arched feet will be in heaven. The models offer boats one of the most supportive and accommodative features; waterproof uppers, padded collar, direct-inject construction, and many others.


  •       Double-padded dynamic anti-fatigue technology
  •       Comfy footbed with antimicrobial properties
  •       Non-marking rubber outsole
  •       Carefully padded collar
  •       Relatively lightweight for all the quality
  •       Waterproof construction


  •       Might feel a bit heavy for some

Keen Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Utility Work Boot

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This is yet another popular pair of work boots that are faultlessly engineered to fit most people, including those with high arches.

Apart from the comfy leather uppers, the shoes come with a large toe box that gives enough room for your toes to breathe and wiggle comfortably. This toe box is developed asymmetrically to match the left and right foot perfectly.

The interior cushioning presented by these boots ensures a comfortable feel while delivering nobble arch support. It adjusts to the natural shape of your feet, and the overall construction is highly waterproof.

Moreover, the breathable membrane will keep you cool and fresh within the shoes by preventing moisture build-up. The lacing system is perfectly designed to lock your precise fit fashionably.


  •       Highly waterproof shoes
  •       Enough forefoot space
  •       Excellent comfort and support
  •       Durable and rugged to withstand harsh conditions


  •       The shoes might overheat
  •       The unique lock laces might be tricky to figure out.

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Waterproof Work Boot

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The Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Steel Waterproof Work Boot is a perfect fit for those with high arches. More to the outstanding safety features for walking, the shoes include a 220g Thinsulate insulation.

This helps to control the temperature inside the shoes to prevent overheating. The upper section is high enough from the ankles and is robustly attached to the outsoles.

The pair features a steel toe that protects your feet from sharp or heavy objects while working. Excellent grip on landers and slick surfaces is possible as the boot has an inbuilt surface traction technology, making it an ideal hiking boot.

Like other best options on our list, these boots are slip and oil resistant. It is also abrasion and electrical hazard resistant. The removable EVA footbed allows you to adjust the support as well as the comfort level. That means the shock absorbency system is suitable for people with high arches. It will improve the walking gait even on the most rugged terrains. With its bold designs, this boot can be obtained in dark being and brown colors. 


  •       Very comfortable and durable work boot
  •       Detachable gel-based EVA insole
  •       The insulator controls feet temperature
  •       Highly waterproof


  •       Fairly expensive

Chippewa Men’s Waterproof Insulated 9 Steel Toe EH Logger Boot

There’re many decent work boots out there, but only a few can compete with the comfort level offered by this big boot from Chippewa.

With its waterproof design, this best boot for high arches is meant to keep you cool and protected. The rubber outsole is thickly treaded for higher traction and durability.

Since 1901, Chippewa Boot Company has been a tradition in an outdoor lifestyle, not only in America but also worldwide. The company boasts the highest quality options for persons with high arches and those looking to achieve the best out of rugged outdoor footwear.

Remarkable components and craftsmanship are presented in the built quality of every pair from this brand. So no matter the fashion or function, Chippewa Boots are designed to bear all the beating, and with classic styling, the boosts will surely satisfy even the most demanding shopper.

The boots are ideal for all. The design ensures style, comfort, and protection. It’s such an incredible orthopedic oiled dark leather boot meant to support your high arches.


  •       Water-resistant work boots
  •       Quality construction
  •       The outsole is slip and oil resistant
  •       Steel toe to guard against electric hazards


  •       Might take time to break-in
  •       Not the most lightweight

Best Boots for High Arches: Buying Guide

Do you want to get rid of that pain caused by having too high arches? Or are you looking forward to getting a perfect boot that finally fits, something that allows you to work comfortably in full capacity and with style? Everything is possible, and you can achieve all these. But to have them, there are various factors you need to consider when shopping for your work boots.

Good arch support

If you have high arch support, strong arch support is probably the most crucial thing you should check out for. Typical work boots offer this. So for high arches, you’ll have to consider work boots with orthotic designs, specially designed to support such high arches.


This the most important quality aspect to look out for when purchasing a work boot. The comfort from the ankle, toe box, and interior padding is essential to alleviate foot pain.

The boots you’re about to buy should have a good shock absorber in both the inner and the outsoles for excellent comfort. Your work boots should be able to repel and resist shock while walking.

And since comfort goes hand in hand with fitting, you should consider boots that can cope with your feet’ natural shape. A precise fit should provide ample arch support. So before transacting, be sure to test if the boots in question fit.

Built Quality

You don’t want to go shopping again anytime sooner. Thus, choosing a work boot with excellent construction is imperative. The strength and quality of the material employed should be a priority when buying your shoes. The thread seams should be well-rugged to adapt to extreme weather conditions without skimping comfort or support.

Sole construction

In case you would like to resole your boots from time to time, then you will be wise to consider something with welt construction between the sole and the uppers.

With welt construction, the outsole will be easy to detach for replacement. Or else, you can go for those boots with sturdy cement attachment for the soles and the uppers. The soles can also be detached, though not as easily.

Still, under sole construction, it’s important to check the boots’ insulation. Make sure it gives the ability to control the temperature of the condition to prevent overheating.

Insulation also comes in handy to regulate the feet’ coldness or hotness, maintaining warmth in cold conditions and cold during extreme temperatures. If you’re planning to work outdoors, this is a must-have feature you should consider.

Soft or Steel Toe

Based on the nature or the length of your walks, you might need to determine what type of front foot would be best for your boots. Generally, the steel toe box will protect you against heavy objects while walking.

However, it adds more weight to the overall footwear. On the other hand, soft toed boots are often preferred for their protective cushioning that prevents bruises from friction.

The Bottom Line

High arched work boots are designed to offer sustainable comfort with extra arch support to those with a more elevated footbridge than average. For this particular post, we focused on the top-rated best shoes for high arches currently available in the market. Each of these models is built with top-notch materials, adhering to the safety standards set by ASTM. So don’t hesitate. Go ahead and pick what excites you for the forthcoming happy feet days.