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Best Shoes for Vet Techs For 2021 Reviewed

Best Shoes for Vet Techs For 2021 Reviewed

If you’re in hurry, here are the top three best shoes for vet techs you should check out:

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Who said vet techs are not real doctors? In all probability, their job tends to be a little tougher than being a human doctor. See, patients may talk to you where exactly the pain is, or what they have been doing before noticing the pain. Animals just can’t.

On that note, those who spend most of their time on farms or ranches may be tempted to think cowboy boots are the best for the barn. But arguably not. Cowboy boots are designed for simply riding a horse. Not really doctoring one.

Besides, the Hollywood inspired designs featured by most contemporary cowboy boots are not so effective for the ranch.

There is also material. A good number of people in the field of veterinary sciences love animals so much that they can’t uphold killing animals for food and clothes, considering all available alternatives. That means for them, leather is out, only vinyl and plastics.

Others like the comfort from a pair of running shoes, only that cloth is a bit hard to disinfect. Of course, you can get little synthetic booties to put over your shoes, but the fact is, you can never be that clean.

So, how do you choose the best shoes for vet techs?

Well, it’s best to get things right first. Amid the fuzz, the drool, and anonymous bodily fluids, vet techs necessitate shoes that can bear whatever animal grime is thrown to them. Therefore safety is a must when choosing vet tech shoes.

Their shoes also need to be durable, comfortable, and supportive for long hours of standing running, or anything unexpected. If you can get something with foam attachment, your feet will be in heaven.

Most veterinarians swear by mesh and clogs, being the comfiest and easy to clean. Still, these shoes need to be highly practical and capable of offering you the endurance to subsist regular tasks.

Below are some of the best shoes for vet techs. They’re mostly rated for functionality, but you may find that some boast interesting designs together with animal-themed.

Iconic Jungle Moc- Comfortable Shoes for Vet Techs

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No matter how hectic your schedule is, you can still look stylish despite being a veterinary technician. All you need is to invest in something like this Iconic Jungle Moc. It is among the most comfortable in the range of vet tech footwear.

In fact, the company’s customer care services are at another level that they promise a refund if their Iconic Jungle Moc quality goes otherwise. So quality is pretty much guaranteed.

The audacious jungle footwear comes ready for business bearing tough suede top alongside waterproof abilities. That means if you are helping out in a vet surgery, animal delivery, or such, any splashes to your shoes will not sink. It’ll just glide off.

The shoe’s bottom features a supper-jugged outsole that brings the finest grip for walking, rushing, and running errands. Or just chasing down animals.

The overall appearance of these shoes is outstanding. The model’s built quality will keep you safe on the ground, whether you’re an indoor vet or among the vet techs in your local region zoo, this is a sleeping lion you’re yet to discover.

The outer sole is carefully designed, and you can count on these shoes for professional jobs or when planning for your own vet tech activities.

Contrary to most vet tech shoes out there, the underfoot of these jungle Moc is professionally cushioned to subside shock. Additionally, the underfoot is flexible, so freedom of movement is somewhat augmented.


  •       Non-marking sole
  •       Flexible underfoot
  •       Slip-resistant insoles
  •       Quality traction
  •       Dual-density outsole


  •       All is well

Dansko Wide Professional Clog- Good for Standing All Day

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Spending just about the whole day treating animals can be quite a physically demanding task, and your feet can develop foot pain anytime. But not with the Dansko Wide Pro Clog.

This one is carefully designed with an accommodative toe box and wide top to keep your feet free from pain and complications.

Rocker platforms present on this footwear guarantee you quality and seamless strides necessary to maintain proper comfort and support as a vet tech. The outsole is of premium quality, and it features shock-absorbing characteristics.

The outsole built structure ensures your feet remain stable and comfortable throughout the day. Lastly, the soft, full-grain leather employed by the manufacturer offers you stylish working footwear. Toe and feet movement are well guaranteed by the presence of the wide toe box.


  •       Excellent support
  •       Wide toe box
  •       The outsole features shock-absorbing elements
  •       Full-grain leather upper material
  •       Ideal for both wide and narrow feet individuals


  •       Not that pocket friendly

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Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe

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You probably don’t have an idea of lightweight shoes unless you’ve ever met these Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Shoes.

They are superbly designed to bring you the much-needed freedom to roam all day. And if you often engage in high-octane duties, such as exercising animals, kennel work, and clerical tasks, you will be wise to consider these shoes.

The massive padding, via Skechers, patented flexible cushioning ensures that every step is cushioned from direct shocks and impact generated from hard surfaces.

You also don’t have to stress heavy sweating within the shoe. Even when things get hotter, this is the pair you want. The whole thing is seamlessly crafted from meshed textile.

There are tiny perforations for flawless breathability. Just note, as you walk, the shoe expands upon every move you make, providing the best comfort ever.

The shoe is an absolute charmer, coming in in multiple glamorous colors to meet and satisfy your fashion needs. Thanks to its innovative and responsive mesh tops. Furthermore, this is a slip-on, meaning you’ll have an easy time getting on and off.

The Go Walk Joy Walking Shoe is a great value for money. The overall construction is impeccable, untapped, and soft to touch; no wonder it has excellent customer support in the reviews.

It is comfortable, flexible, and supportive, yet it’s not that expensive than other models with such impressive features.


  •       Padded collar for added comfort
  •       Unparalleled breathability
  •       So many features at a sensible price
  •       Multiple animated color selections
  •       Top-notch cushioning technology



  •       No significant quality issues


Super Birki Unisex- Best Veterinary Sneakers

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If you’re one of those stylish vets and want to maintain your dress code, this Super Birki Unisex clogs could be a perfect choice. The type of construction employed here consists of rubber sole and full-grain leather.

These come in handy for an overall durable clog that you can count on for a whole long time without purchasing another vet shoes anytime sooner.

Plus, if you have issues cleaning your current or previous vet shoes, the good news is that these clogs will make it easier for you and that disinfecting the footwear will be such a breeze.

Waterproof leather upper keeps your feet safe from moisture while the quality traction offered by the leather sole helps ensure stability and grip even when walking on slick surfaces. That means you’ll be protected from body fractures that might arise due to accidental slipping.


  •       Excellent comfort and durability are guaranteed
  •       Slip-repellent outsole
  •       Easy to clean and to disinfect
  •       Removable insoles for customized support and comfort
  •       Interchangeable insoles and footbed


  •       Nothing bad about this shoe


Merrell Encore Bypass- Vet Tech Work Shoes

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The Merrell Encore Bypass is another excellent choice for most vet tech assignments. Thanks to the slip-on slip design, it makes you feel comfortable and protected better than regular sandal design.

The state-of-the-art cushioning featured by this shoe ensures proper shock-absorbency for that extensive stay-on-your feet task.

Made with indoor users in mind, these are probably the best shoes for those who work in the zoo. The rugged structure enables it to offer absolute comfort as supported by the upper leather material.

The shoe is comfortable to put on/off. Optimal support and comfort seem something that Merrell stressed more on as the double padding system was included; EVA and air cushioning options.

The midsole comes with EVA padding alongside ECO designed footbed and ballistic cushioned heel. The original footbed naturally hugs your arch, thereby eliminating discomforts associated with sore feet, lower back pain, and ankle sprains.

The upper section is upholstered in premium leather and mesh fabric. The mesh lining is well ventilated for breathability with anti-odor properties.

Moreover, the Strobel built quality brings you the much-needed user comfort and flexibility. The collar is well-padded for extra comfort while the slip-on design allows you to access the shoes with relative ease.

The shoe’s outsole boasts the M-Select grip design for excellent traction capabilities. The stated EVA and air cushioning is based on shock absorbents. This helps to keep your feet free from ankle and heel pain.

The mesh design is meant to cope with your feet while promoting sufficient aeration. You’ll remain cool and dry throughout.


  •       Good arch support
  •       Highly breathable
  •       Large toe box
  •       Excellent fit
  •       Durable and well-ventilated mesh


  •       Price and overall product weight


Reebok Men’s Classic Sneaker

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You might ask why this Reebok Men’s Classic Sneaker is even ranked among the best shoes for vet techs on our list, but you’ll be surprised to know how sleek and impressive the overall quality is.

The premium leather employed here brings your feet the ability to cater to a wide range of activities.

Classic styles come naturally with Reebok shoes. The heritage silhouette borrowed from the brand’s original tennis shoes, sports, and modernized color counts for a season appeal. The upper is closely perforated to enhance breathability while adding texture to the overall look. Moreover, superior technology keeps comfort untapped.

Most vet techs spend almost all of their working time in a standing position, which might result in complications such as heel pain. Fortunately, the Classic sneaker comes with a dual-density midsole.

This helps make sure you’re in a professionally safe and stable position to accommodate your weight without exposing your feet to any pain.

So celebrate your performance in subtle style with these classic kicks made to beast the test of time. You will be impressed by the special memory tech sock liner that adjusts as per your wear window.

Not to forget the pops of the remarkable Reebok branding that forms eye-catching appeal.


  •       Low-cut construction for maximum freedom of motion
  •       Dual-density midsole
  •       Soft leather upper
  •       Pocket friendly
  •       Toe box perforations for comfort and ventilation
  •       Memory tech sock liner for extra cushioning


  •       No noticeable flaws

Nurse Mates 230004

No products found.

Nurse Mates model 230004 is an excellent option for vet techs and individuals who spend most of their time standing.

What’s more, in case you’re an overweight vet tech, the Nursing Mate is a perfect match as the dual-density midsole is superbly designed to withstand all of your weight.

The overall construction of these shoes is lightweight and stylish. The awful smell from your feet will be history as the upper section is crafted from pure leather with a soft mesh.

The innersole, more to being removable, can also be interchanged. You can easily swap the factory-made inserts with your own custom orthotics to achieve more comprehensive support and comfort.


  •       Removable inner sole
  •       Mesh upper
  •       The highly breathable upper mesh
  •       Removable insole and footbed


  •       None

Timberland Pro Slip-on Clog- Best Veterinary Nurse Shoes

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Veterinary techs basically tend to be very busy personnel, possibly due to the load of work they have to accomplish. Perhaps their biggest desire is to secure a light pair of shoes that will help them keep up with their ever-busy working environment.

So if that concerns you, then these Timberland Pro Slip-On Clog might be precisely what you’ve been looking for. Vet tech shoes need to be quickly and effectively disinfected to prevent them from inhabiting infection from one point to another.

The reasons why these Timberland Pro Slip-On Clogs were included is because they are easy to clean or even machine wash. In fact, the shoes are commonly used in the laboratory and other animal medical facilities.


  •       Effective toe-box coverage
  •       Easy to clean and machine wash
  •       Easy to disinfect
  •       Features clog style with a solid top


  • None

Dansko Professional Clog- Best Shoes for Women Vet Techs

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Never underestimate the power of a woman, particularly those who consider supreme footwear for work. Well, vet tech shoes might not be as versatile, but there are almost no boundaries to what Dansko Women Clog can deliver.

It is a favorite choice for nurses and CNAs, dental assistants, and even massage specialists.

Dansko is a synonymous brand known for unsurpassed comfort and support globally. Their Pro Clog versions boast top-quality construction, featuring different colors and designs.

The high traction and superior construction make this an ideal choice for standing and walking all day long in the vet lab.

Many people who opt for these clogs usually want an element of fluid-repellent and ease of use. Featuring albeit minimalistic design, these shoes are equipped with comfort-enhancing instep padding plus EVA midsole.

The EVA composites are mild. Meaning the shoes are not unnecessarily heavy. Granted, you can run comfortably after unsettled animals or clerical duties across the day without foot pain.

The best shoes for vet techs also comes with a roomier toe box. This makes a therapeutic choice for those with rheumatoid toes, bunions, and other foot-related conditions that require giving the toes some playtime.

The shoes are also designed with ample arch support in mind. Thanks to the Dansko Natural Arch technology.

Besides, you can do away with the dual-density PU footbed and replace them with some custom, arch-enhancing inserts. This will, in turn, bring relief to your busy life.

The slip-on design allows you to slip in/out within seconds. And is available in a range of so many colors so you can have several to your team for uniformity.


  •       Stylish lace-up design
  •       Lightweight
  •       Comfortable fit
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Highly durable
  •       Very comfortable
  •       Hand and machine washable
  •       Great for vet techs


  •       A bit heavy


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-on Shoes

No products found.

Even though it’s a late entry, this brand is increasingly gaining massive popularity. Thanks to the comfortable design, generously cushioned footbed and versatility of use. The pair is offered in a variety of colors, in case you’re looking for something to match with other outfits.

The EVA molded midsole provides air-to-air cushioning around the heel. This ensures proper shock attenuation and improved stability. The shoes also come with nylon arch materials for extra durability and support.

The footbed incorporates the kinetic fit technology alongside zonal arch support and dense heel padding. The removable insoles allow you to throw in custom orthotics.

The upper section is made of full-grain leather fabric with water-resistant properties. The easy slip-on design eliminates the need for laces while making the shoe extremely easy to clean. Moreover, the stain resistance features make this a great deal for vet techs working on tight schedules.

The outer sole consists of M-select Grip Rubber material and non-slip oil-repellent features. Besides the slip-resistant properties, the underfoot is extremely durable to bear all the beating.


  •       True to size
  •       Highly durable
  •       Very comfortable
  •       Slip-repellent features


  •       Not the best for wearing in hotter climates

Best Shoes for Vet Techs: Buying Guide 

Vet techs are mostly on their feet, so how comfortable and stable their feet hold up matters a lot. That being said, vet techs need shoes designed to offer adequate breathability and durability. Canvas and mesh shoes are both considerable, and either would make up for a great pair in this noble profession.

Technically speaking, mesh is generally meant for excellent airflow and movement, while canvas comes into recognition for fit, waterproof, and durability.


Comfort is a must when it comes to footwear. The best shoes for vet techs should offer exceptional comfort. Remember, you’ll be standing most of the time, or possibly walking about the vet lab every now and then. So you need something that can put up with your weight throughout the day.

Make sure the shoe in question is capable of easing the pain and fatigue resulting from extended shifts. The preferred choice should also have a stable outsole and a highly comfortable upper section.


The demanding nature of the vet tech regime calls for well-ventilated shoes in the upper section. Breathability ensures improved ventilation while keeping your feet comfortable during those brisk movements up and down the barn.


Finding comfortable, breathable, and the right size shoe can be a challenge to most vet techs. Not to mention that the size might run smaller or larger than expected. Nonetheless, having the right size is imperative to intensify the user’s comfort and prevent injuries.


The point is to get something that will not break into parts anytime sooner. Longevity is crucial in ensuring that the footwear serves for the intended purpose for an extended period without losing grip or diminished comfort level.

Ease of use

The shoe’s built quality is another major consideration when shopping for the best shoes for vet techs. How easily you can have your shoes on and off is essential because it helps in sparing valuable tech time while saving them the struggle of doing up your laces now and then. Slip-on designs are probably the best in this case, as they are easily accessible and easy to clean.


Sometimes the sheds tend to be slippery and occupied messed with dangerous objects. So the shoe needs to have a well-covered design in addition to grip and slip-repellent features. The outsole should be made from thick and stable fabric to ensure maximum support during long working periods.

Fashion and Appeal

This particular aspect might not be among the most influential, but remember, vet techs don’t only deal with animals. They also deal with their owners. So how well your overall outfits come together can be as important. You may want to go for something with some, if not most, of customizability and flair. 


Practicability meets fun with vet techs shoes, subject to our featured list above. They have a unique design, meant to keep your feet safe and comfortable during long working shifts, even in the messiest times of the job.

According to our analysis, the choices, as mentioned above, are among, if not the best shoes for vet techs currently available for purchase. They are generally to wear in wet and messy conditions, plus they are slip-resistant.  So you can rest assured of comfort, support, and ease of use.