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Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis- 2020 Reviews

Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis- 2020 Reviews

Sesamoiditis is one of the trickiest injuries of human feet. Besides its varied symptoms that range from swelling, bruises, and problems straightening or bending your big toe.  

It is a common ailment that occurs near the big toe. Some of the central causes of sesamoiditis include irritation or fracture of two small bones called sesamoids.

These little bones rest on the foot’s underside, just below the first metatarsal bone (a long, thin bone located between the big toe and the ankle bones). Sesamoid bones act like a kneecap for the big toe joint.

This foot condition mostly affects younger people who are often involved in jogging or long-distance running. And there is a statistical number of young athletes suffering from sesamoiditis due to strain and pressure in the joints.

Athletes prone to this malady are those belonging to soccer, baseball, and other events that involve excessive force in the forefoot. For older people and non-athletes, the risk of developing sesamoiditis issues is similarly higher when they have high arches, bunions, and those who wear high heels.

Thankfully, a large part of its treatment centers around having the right type of shoes. However, with the whole variety of shoes out there, it can be difficult to find the best shoes for this condition, which in turn could compromise your decision power.

See, from the flexible sole, cushioned heel, and other vital aspects, sesamoiditis calls for more attention, which could derail your search for the best pair.

Keeping in mind the sensitivity of this ailment, we developed a quick review solely to guide you when searching for the best shoes for sesamoiditis. We’ve also added a comprehensive buying guide, detailing the various aspects to check for before purchasing.

 Here are the Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis

New Balance Men’s M840V3 Running Shoe

The New Balance brand is one of the leading shoe manufacturers in the industry. Their M840V3 is one of those models that don’t merely work on primary function beautifully; it seems fairly great on the exterior.

This shoe is designed to bring you excellent comfort and support to help manage sesamoiditis. It is among the most luxurious choices with superior padding to satisfy the demand.

The pair comes with most of the characteristics, which you would look for shopping for the best shoes for sesamoiditis. And similar to other choices out there, the New Balance M84V3 is built from a synthetic mesh. The platform is constructed with rubber that ensures maximum hold while walking without hurting your sesamoids.

One thing that we really love about this shoe is the excellent shock-absorbing padding. These features can be beneficial for sesamoiditis sufferers to recover much faster.

All the weight and pressure placed on the ball of these shoes is significantly reduced. That means runners, dancers, and athletes suffering from sesamoiditis will have a superb taste working on these shoes.


  •       Roomy toe box
  •       Good support while walking
  •       Suitable for everyday use
  •       More thickness within to aid sesamoiditis


  •       Size may vary from standard sizing.

Hoka One One Men’s Clifton 4 Running Shoe

Despite sesamoiditis, Hoka One Clifton can help keep you moving on the track without experiencing any fatigue or pain in your feet. In fact, it’s not so feasible to start dodging healthier activities due to sesamoiditis with these shoes on the market.

The shoes are most people’s favorites and are among the top recommendations for most concerned doctors alongside athletic priority. The overall construction of these shoes makes them suitable for persons dealing with sesamoiditis.

Although the midsole boasts the credibility to cushion your feet, you can achieve a comfortable walking experience while alleviating sesamoiditis injury’s pain. Actually, while walking with these shoes, you will never have to worry about any pain.

To ensure stable walking experience on all kinds of terrains, these shoes come equipped with a rubber outsole. This helps you maintain maximum traction, no matter the nature of the track you love jogging on.

Covering extended distances is not easy, especially when you’re having sesamoiditis issues. In fact, you can start experiencing pain even before the first mile. Luckily, Hoka One Men’s Clifton 4 model is manufactured with a synthetic sole that reduces the overall product weight to a great extent. Walk as much as you want, without worrying about being a victim of sesamoiditis.

Cushioning alone can’t make up for comfortable footwear if proper breathability is missing. The shoes upper are well aerated so that your feet remain cool and dry throughout.


  •       Attractive design
  •       Comfortable experience
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Satisfactory toe box


  •       The sizing comes half above the actual one.

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New Balance Women’s W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoes

The W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoes from New Balance are not just developed to fit a particular image; rather, they are meant to fit most users. This best shoe for sesamoiditis boost boasts a tireless mission on ensuring comfort and performance to its users.

With its Patented NDURANCE, you can walk with assurance that these shoes are crafted from rubber compounds that support maximum durability and usability in high wear areas.

Ultimate support is also present alongside the proprietary ACTEVA; a feature included to add to both support and comfort without affecting weight and durability.

Moreover, the shoe’s rubber content promotes cushioning and compression resistance properties while aiding to combat forceful impacts. The overall cushioning is further enhanced with a system that is both durable and responsive.


  •       Great arch support
  •       Impressive cushioning
  •       Superior Motion-control technology
  •       Ideal for those with plantar fasciitis
  •       Stylish design


  •       A bit expensive


Apex V854 Last Walking Shoes Men/Women

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive shoe for a balanced mind and body, Apex’s V854 Walking Shoes can be a great choice. With an Aetrex style, these shoes are designed with breathable leather plus mesh upper—the rigid Carboplast footbridge couples with the midsole for better motion control.

There’s also the detachable Apex Orthotic, which is made up of numerous layers of anatomical cushioning. The PRS insole aids in absorbing shock generated during walking, meaning the shoes are entirely personalized for that unique athletic sole.

The rubber sole minimizes shock, while two removable layers allow for a more flexible fit. The middle support pod controls overpronation, and for water resistance, these shoes are Scotchgard.

When you have the Apex V854, foot health becomes bread and butter. For almost half a century, this company has been introducing the most health-cantered footwear possible. They make pleasure a guarantee.


  •       Very supportive and true to size
  •       Highly comfortable and molds to the feet
  •       The toe box is comfy and accommodative


  •       Not the most lightweight

Brooks Women’s Ariel ‘16

Designed to last and bear its wear and tear, the Brooks Women’s Ariel model 16 is another one-stop choice worth considering.

The second release from the ever-stylish Brooks lineup brings maximum stability, even to those suffering from overpronation. The pair is manufactured with severe overpronation in mind, as the condition demands motion control and excellent cushioning.

Comfort and longevity are also pretty much guaranteed with the moisture-wicking properties within the mesh upper. This protects you from numerous conditions, as enhanced by the customizable support and the shoe’s external built quality.

Other impressive features of the Brooks Women’s Ariel ’16 include external heel counter, lace-up closer, detachable sock liner, plush tongue and collar, and external heel counter.

The superior DNA midsole comes in handy for augmented energy return to add to the shoe’s impeccable cushioning. Further, the presence of the full-length S-257 Cushole midsole features an insole board to provide more flexibility during performances.


  •       Superb DNA midsole for optimal cushioning
  •       Suitable for those with severe overpronation
  •       The moisture-managing mesh is another plus
  •       Light and comfortable
  •       Excellent arch support


  •       The toe box might be a bit too narrow for some.

Orthofeet Orthopedic Athletic Sneakers Men/Women

Great for both men and women, these orthotic sneakers feature anatomical arch support for a bearable relaxed fit plus alongside maximum protection against pressure acnes. The first-rate orthotic inserts and cushioning sole provide softened strides to effectively enhance stability, thereby making for natural foot motion.

The shoes are mostly recommended for people with various foot problems, including sesamoiditis. They are also carefully designed with superior biomechanical features to help manage foot pain.

Orthofeet admits that finding the right pair of shoes to manage a foot ailment can be exhausting. As such, the manufacturer incorporates the brightest of biomedical experts to develop new footwear products that reduce the most devastating foot problems.

Non-binding upper couple with the deep and wide toe box plus extra depth design to bring your feet that natural spread and relaxation. The gel padding beneath the heel reduces pressure, while the contoured orthotic with anatomical arch support adds softness to every step. Moreover, the ergonomic sole with proper cushioning sets a little spring in when walking.

The orthotic inserts are suitable for pain relief and deliver excellent arch support- not to overlook the patented Poly-U foam that wicks moisture and sweat away.


  •       Well-padded for a comfortable fit
  •       Antimicrobial fabric, thus fewer chances of odor or bacteria build-up
  •       Very lightweight with impressive design
  •       Customizable fit
  •       Features natural gait and are non-binding


  •       Size may run small
  •       The color selection for both men and women is a bit narrow.

Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Shoes

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Shoes is yet another pair that incorporates every possible feature that you could ever want in sesamoiditis shoes. They have a slip-on design that makes them a top choice for those souls who tend to be in a rush most of the time.

First, the shoe’s upper is entirely made from 100% mesh fabric, meaning they are durable and highly breathable too. No matter how long you travel with these shoes, you will never experience the irritation on your feet that mostly results from sweating. In turn, this prevents odor and bacteria from growing inside the shoes.

Another impressive feature stems from the midsole. See, having the average, or just common used footbed will never aid your sesamoiditis. Therefore, the midsole featured by this shoe is innovatively designed to deliver the most powerful cushioning phase. This will ultimately help you manage and eliminate sesamoiditis issues from your feet.

Coming down to the outsole, rubber is the most popular. It is used by nearly every shoe manufacturer to ensure better traction on the versatile grounds without being overly expensive. Hence, Skechers also opted for a rubber platform for these shoes.

The rubber outsole and the mesh upper work jointly to make this product lighter in weight so that you can have them on your feet without creating any fatigue, though most people have claimed that they feel more like socks when walking in them. The lightweight, support, and overall comfort level of these shoes will make you impressed.


  •       Breathable
  •       Lightweight
  •       Midsole ensures comfy environments throughout
  •       Maximum grip on different tracks


  •       Not the most accommodative toe box

Mizuno Wave Inspire 13 Shoes

Bearing in mind that these are meant for runners, one should not expect any material other than mesh in these shoes. That means they are properly aerated, allowing air to pass through, thereby eliminating the moisture in your feet. Also, you won’t have to worry about odor and bacterial building up in your shoes.

When analyzing the best shoes for sesamoiditis, we found this pair to be an excellent choice for most users generally. Thanks to its features- they got the model gaining popularity as soon as they were introduced.

As for the outsole, the manufacturer opted rubber for the material. Rubber is known for ensuring great traction in different tracks. Whether it’s wet or rocky surfaces, you will never lose your grip in any case. Besides, the material is considered to keep your feet warm during winter and cool/dry in summer. Therefore, counting on them any time, all-year-round, would never be a problem.

In addition, the overall design makes this a perfect option for souls dealing with sesamoiditis. The minimal top arch and the shaft brings you stability and support throughout your walking session.

The shape makes it easy for you to flex your feet. You can turn around and cover distances without feeling stiffness, restrictions, or any pressure that would compromise your comfort in any sense.

We also recognize the seamless application of the U4icX heel wedge technology. It has more contribution to the treatment of your sesamoiditis. And with the heel wedge, these shoes keep on cushioning your feet, making it possible for you to experience comfort rather than pain while walking.


  •       Breathable upper fabric
  •       The presence of wave plate technology
  •       Lightweight insole
  •       Extremely comfortable and supportive


  •       Users might experience some stiffness after years of use.

New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking Shoe

The MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking shoes differ from New Balance differs from the previous model as they include Velcro straps instead of laces for better fit and motion control. They are designed to fit just right and be as easy as possible to put on/off.

With the snug fit, users can walk over long distances with great ease and comfort. The simple yet stylish design remains decent for most people, although it does include all the bells and whistles common among other running shoes. But on the bright side, this makes them classic for just about any outfit and clothing preference.

The Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking shoes are made from genuine leather and are based on soft, slightly flattened soles that are highly durable.


  •     Genuine leather construction
  •       Relatively cheap
  •       Comfy and easy for walking
  •       Velcro straps rather than laces to avoid tripping
  •       Ample room and padding reduce pressure and fatigue on foot muscles
  •       Flexible outsole and material enhance walking and running, so you won’t have to put extra effort during performances


  •       Ventilation could be improved.

Brooks Men’s Ghost Running Shoe

For a marvelous piece of work, with high energetic cushioning, you may want to consider the Ghost running shoes from Brooks. It is an ideal choice for all sorts of outdoor activities, besides aiding sesamoiditis.

It is lightweight and comfortable on the feet. The cushioning work includes DNA Loft and BioMoGo DNA to offer a very smooth soft feeling underneath your feet.

Apart from being lightweight, the Brooks Men’s Ghost Running Shoes are highly durable for the test of time. They also come with a segmented crash pad for better shock-absorbency and stable ride. The Ghost 2 comes with a 3D fit print and a newly designed mesh for improved structure and stretch.

The shoe is meant to support responsiveness while maintaining smooth transitions from heel-to-toe. In other words, it is one of the best walking shoes available in the market.


  •       Great outsole
  •       Excellent protection
  •       Highly durable and responsive
  •       Excellent cushioning for a smooth ride


  •       A bit pricey though durable


Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis: Buying Guide (what to look for)

Finding the right shoes for sesamoiditis is not as easy as getting into the stores and picking any available options, based on designs and appearances. Therefore, there are various attributes that such shoes should include to help eliminate sesamoiditis issues.

Otherwise, walking on regular sneakers while suffering from this ailment will not improve your condition; you will be wasting your time while risking your feet. So, here are the major aspects to consider before selecting any of the sesamoiditis shoes:

Arch Support

Those with high arches are likely to develop sesamoiditis problems. Hence, if a person has high arches, it is good to consider shoes with a built-in high arch. The shoes should also be wide enough to allow your feet to spread and minimize pressure from the forefoot.

They should possess good shock-absorbing properties like padding to cushion your feet after landing on the ground. This will help to protect the ball of your feet from harmful impact.

People with neutral and flat arch should consider shoes with forefoot cushioning, and accommodative enough to reduce the pressure from the toes.

Wide Toe Box

Sesamoiditis usually occurs due to the pressure on the ball of the foot. When your forefoot is not a comfortable position, such pressure can easily lead to sesamoiditis. Those with broad forefoot should go for a wide toe box so the feet can fit well.

Arch Support

If you have sesamoiditis, you should always avoid exerting any form of pressure on your ball. This is because it can elongate the recovery period and even cause other serious problems. To minimize the burden over the ball, choosing shoes with arch support would be the best choice. If possible, wearing high arch shoes can be beneficial for sesamoiditis.

Design of Shoes

Most people who suffer from this condition often overlooked the geometry of their shoes during purchase. The design might not be the most important aspect, but it can pose a significant effect on the rest of the features.

Shoes with an elevated heel are not a solution to this case since they are associated with instability, and they don’t support even distribution of weight and pressure. If possible, minimal to zero drops are considered the best design to help manage sesamoiditis.


Bottom Line

The market is flooded with a variety of shoes for this ailment, and the list above only narrows down the very best of them. Sesamoiditis is a painful foot condition that requires proper and comfortable shoes.

Perhaps comfort is the most imperative aspect to keep in mind when shopping for the best shoes for sesamoiditis. The key is to get the most comfortable and long-lasting shoes possible. The shoes need to have an excellent shock absorber, particularly when it comes to dealing with sesamoiditis.

They should offer proper forefoot cushioning to prevent your feet from any harmful impact. They should also provide excellent arch support via their built-in arch support to help control pressure on your forefoot. Luckily, the shoes, as listed above, incorporate most of these aspects to a great extent.