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Best Shoes for Security Guards- 2021 Reviews

Best Shoes for Security Guards- 2021 Reviews

Professional security guards rarely know what they are going to encounter while on duty. Anything can happen anytime. It is possible to calculate what incident is likely to happen, but on the other hand, history is full of cases where incidents occurred when least expected.

An incident or something unexpected can occur anytime, so security guards need to remain ready to tackle any situation. And to do so, you will need to have the right equipment and materials.

When it comes to the security guard’s footwear, there are numerous options available, and they vary in terms of price and quality, depending on the brand.

First, the most important aspect when choosing the right shoes is comfortability and durability. Working as a security guard will involve long periods of standing and walking, which could result in foot complications. Furthermore, extended time spent standing can give rise to significant leg and torso fatigue that can lead to permanent damage.

However, one major concern when searching for such special footwear is that getting the right one is not that easy. Today’s market is flooded with both counterfeit and original products, which makes it harder to tell which is which.

So if you have no prior knowledge regarding security guard shoes or are planning to update your security collection, there are various factors to consider.

Luckily, we have included a detailed review alongside the best recommendations. We used all-inclusive criteria when selecting the following shoes based on comfort, performance, stability, and longevity. Let’s get started. 

Here are the Best Shoes for Security Guards

Lowa Gore-Tex Combat Boot

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A product of 90+ years experience in the footwear industry, the Lowa Gore-Tex Combat Boot is well among the super-high quality options in the task force collection.

Made from 100% leather uppers, these boots are relied upon by security professionals, armed forces, police, and emergency services personnel worldwide. They are widely recognized due to their longevity, and the ability to serve even in the most inhospitable conditions.

They won’t wear out anytime soon, as in the case of synthetic and partly-synthetic options. A perk of these leather boots is that, although the premium uppers typically take a while to break in properly, they won’t take such a long period to feel comfortable. In fact, you can have them right on your feet straight away after purchase.

The boots are lined with Gore-tex water-repellent, yet breathable fabric. It resists water while allowing vapor through, keeping your feet sweat and odor-free. These wick-away linings features will keep your feet cool and dry throughout.

They incorporate Vibram soles for excellent traction. That means you won’t need to stress about slipping or twisting your ankle, even if it means standing still during long shifts or patrolling through varied terrains. The sole will keep you steady on the ground with maximum support. The high ankle design featured by these boots promotes stability.

The boots are contoured to cope with the shape of your foot, meaning the leather will not take much time to break-in. Also, you don’t have to worry about blisters while wearing these boots. Another perk is a quick lacing system. The boots are easily accessible, and slipping out of them is next to impossible.

The best boots for security guards are on the heavier side. Perhaps this is the only concern, but it’s still excusable considering the high-quality fabrics, Vibram soles, and overall design stability. If you want to go jogging while at work, this might not be a perfect choice.

However, you’ll be wise to consider the  Lowa Gore-Tex Combat Boot for heavy-duty, high-quality, and comfortable security boots.


  •       Good high-quality ankle design
  •       It takes little time to break-in
  •       Gore-tex lined
  •       The simple and quick lacing system


  •       More expensive
  •       A little heavier than others

Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

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The Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot is another excellent choice for the urban jungle. The model blends “air technology in the cushioning support system, which provides the level of support and comfort one would expect from real S.W.A.T.

This pair of combat boots is ideal for personnel working in security, correction, and even airports since they are made of non-metallic materials.

Coming down to features and benefits, the leather and nylon construction make the boot durable and water-repellent.

It has a visible heel air cell that offers shock absorption and comfort. The upper is double stitched, and couples with a three-ply bonded synthetic thread to enhance longevity. The toe box is polishable.

The customizable phylon E.V.A. midsole brings cradled support alongside lightweight comfort. There’s also the non-metallic nylon shank that ensures lightweight support and fatigue control.


  •       Made from water-resistant material
  •       Side zippers make it more accessible
  •       The built material can pass through metal detectors of all kind
  •       Shock absorption properties


  •       The zipper could be sturdier.

Merrell Moab 2 8” Waterproof Women’s Shoes

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Never underestimate the power of a woman in a heavy-duty tactical boot. As in male security guards, female guards also need to be ready to get through emergencies and survival situations.

Therefore their appropriate gear from gloves, shoes, and gloves is vital. The quality present in these boots combines with the synthetic upper to do the trick while ensuring that the shoe is 100% waterproof.

The boots come with synthetic soles. That means your foot will be professionally kept dry and safe from electric shock. The double lace-up design ensures that even those with narrow or extra wide feet will certainly achieve a comfortable fit. The leather, leather fabric, and pure synthetic materials are well ventilated to keep your feet fresh even during the most involving night shifts.

A media side zipper was also incorporated alongside hook and sloop slip strap for a more secure fit. After zipping up, the zip will be completely covered.

This makes the Merrell Moab Waterproof Women’s Shoes one of the most reliable tactical boots on the market. The shaft measures only eight inches from the model’s arch; hence feet stability is pretty much guaranteed.


  •       Durable security boots
  •       Removable insole
  •       Side zipper design
  •       Comfortable shoes for most users


  •       The shoes are a bit more expensive.

Military Uniform Supply OCP Tactical Boots Coyote

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Having one of the best security guard shoes for standing or walking all day long without exerting any pressure on your feet will be a good starting point. The boots come with semi-rigid heel that enables them to maintain their shape without compromising style or product durability.

The ability to maintain shape makes it possible for these tactical shoes for security officers to stand the test of time. If that amazes you, then these combat shoes will work great.

The soft inner material featured on the linings allows for a gentle interaction between your skin and the shoe, hence keeping your foot from blisters.

They are purposely designed for professionals because they include a lace-up design backed up by user-friendly zip closure. The low composite nature employed by this model promotes the overall shoe weight.

Being a security guard, you will have patrols through rocky drives and thick trails. Thus it’s best to go for a pair with unfailing treads to secure maximum real tip traction and ultra-grip ability.


  •       Tread sole
  •       Rubber sole
  •       Water and oil resistant
  •       Military-grade


  •       Weighs more

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Maelstrom Tactical Force Military Tactical Works Shoes

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Among the best shoes for security guards out there, you won’t go wrong with these Maelstrom Tactical Force Military Tactical boots.

It is a top selection that comes with a lace-up closure system that guarantees your foot comfortable fitting. The synthetic sole ensures absolute comfort even in case of unplanned weather changes.

Further, the synthetic sole coms with an additional electrical hazard protection system. The quality treads incorporated in these boots promote slip-free walking experience regardless of the surface.

For sustainable comfort, the shoes include a quality Ih2o-Tex membrane that is both oil and water-resistant. It comes in handy to keep you safe on the ground all day long.

Whether you’re working on nasty weather, rainy, or prolonged security shifts, you’re bound to be impressed by the comfy and secure fit. The lacing system is professionally designed and comes with closure, making it among the top choices in our list.


  •       Semi-rigid heel
  •       Anti-fatigue technology
  •       Available in multiple colors
  •       All-terrain outsole


  •       A bit expensive

Men’s Combat Military Black Army Patrol Hiking Cadet Work High Leather Boot

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If you’re looking for a lightweight general combat shoe, of course, the one that will bear all the heavy-duty cold, then the Military Army Patrol Hiking Cadet could be a great choice.

First, the upper is crafted from half leather with ventilated lining. This lining is designed with Thin insulation to keep your feet warm while still allowing air to penetrate in and out of the boot. The padded suede collar, steel shank, and great ankle support enable these boots to provide excellent stability without sacrificing comfort.

The synthetic laces plus metal eyelets ensure durability. The detachable inner brings you the ability to customize the support and, thus, overall comfort, where you can add your own custom orthotics for the much-needed padding.

The outsole of these military boots is oil/slip repellent. They offer excellent traction as the tough laces stay in place throughout, even when running errands or executing other vigorous movements. It is such a great versatile, long-lasting boot.


  •       Excellent grip
  •       Laces don’t get undone easily
  •       Comfortable
  •       They don’t get too warm during hot days
  •       High-quality multi-purpose grip


  •       Not the prettiest combat shoes

Steel Toe Cap Combat Safety Ankle Boots Security Military Police Boot

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These military boots are just another excellent choice for simple yet tough and comfortable security footwear. The leather upper is soft but heavy duty. And although tough leather-like this typically takes time to break-in, the long run experience is worth it for something durable and comfortable.

The brand has applied the tongue and collar plus a cushioned insole for ultimate comfort during long shifts standing or walking.

The 200-joule protective steel toe cup is another perk that makes these military boots a superior option. If you work in a facility that highly necessitates impact protection, these boots would be a great choice.

The sole is resistant to water, oil, acids, and alkalis. They are fluid repellent and work great through rain, snow, and puddles. The side zip is another bonus. It allows for quick removal at the end of the day.


  •       Waterproof puddles
  •       Holds up to fluids, mud, and snow
  •       Easy to use


  •       Issues with side zip
  •       A little time to break-in

Bates Ultra Lites Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

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We also have one of the most popular styles from Bates line up. And for a good reason, the union between leather and synthetic provides exceptional protection for your feet even during the toughest conditions. What’s more, these boots don’t wear out that easily. In fact, when you step on a hard or sharp object, they repel.

The rubber outsole is flexible enough to support multiple movements. The patented Bates Dry-Guard membrane brings full waterproof technology while maintaining breathability to keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Moreover, the side zip comes in for an easy put on and take off. The lightweight rubber sole is not just slip-resistant; it is oil-repellent too. The boots come with removable inserts, so you can always make some adjustments for both comfort and convenience.


  •       Slip-proof outer sole
  •       Lightweight and tactical construction
  •       Toe guard for extra protection
  •       Breathable boots
  •       Removable inserts for extra cushioning and convenient
  •       Leather and nylon adds to both flexibility and durability


  •       Might not be the best for those with wider feet.

Savage Island Combat Patrol Boots

This Savage Island Brown Leather Combat shoe presents at least one option for those who want a non-black pair of patrol boots for their work uniform. The upper is designed with 50-50 leather and nylon.

This combination allows for a more lightweight experience, so you don’t have to worry about any bulkiness or fatigue at the end of the day. With just 100g of insulation, this tactical boot would be a great deal for summer work.

The rubber outsole is durable and slip-resistant, providing a jagged platform for your needs. The steel shank within the sole subsides fatigue during those shifts you’ll be on your feet for the most time.

The boots feature high-quality stitching and removable interior insole, thereby promoting versatility. Both the tongue and the collar are well padded for extra comfort.

Although these boots are not 100% waterproof, they are highly water-resistant. They are suitable for hot weather as the half-half leather to nylon ratio provides ventilation. Sizing runs a bit large, so if you want to them on your feet during chilly nights, you may want to have a pair of thick socks inside.

They don’t have toe a toe cap, and so they might feel a little harder around the forefoot. You might also have to consider another option if you’re working on heavy-duty construction facilities or anything that involves high impact. Otherwise, these boots are still a great choice when it comes to general application.


  •       Stitching quality is above standard
  •       Lightweight, yet durable built quality
  •       High water-resistant in damp and rainy condition


  •       Size runs large
  •       Designed more for hot conditions

Skechers After Barn Shoes

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If you’re one of those sneakerheads who work as security guards, you may find these Skechers Afterburn extremely amazing. It comes with a lightweight and flexible outsole that keeps your feet as flexible as possible during nights and day shifts.

The memory foam insole is designed to enhance comfort during patrols, especially in rocky or wet trails. The footbed is also padded to minimize the impact and pressure generated during actions. This, in turn, helps keep your back, heels, ankles, and knees free from pain.

The tongue is slightly longer and sparingly padded for excellent comfort in fit and overall experience. The shoe vamp is also slightly large and comes with a paved way for an accommodative toe box. This serves for both foot flexibility and comfort.

The manufacturer also employed the oil and water-resistant upper that comes with a blend of both quality synthetic material and 100% pure leather. Waterproof elements were also incorporated as synthetic material was coupled with 100% leather to create the upper material. The heavily treaded outsole featured here is a true indicator of best sneakers for a security guard.


  •       Slip-on shoes
  •       100% leather
  •       Extra-wide fit
  •       Memory foam insole


  •       Imported tactical shoes

 Best Shoes For Security Guards: Buying Guide 

Whether you’re after running, walking, or standing shoes that are comfortable and supportive for a security officer, there are various factors to consider. We have conducted detailed research before developing the above list.

Some of the essential aspects include comfort, performance, durability, and ease of use in emergencies. Consider choosing something lightweight with a flexible sole to keep your feet flexible. Below is a rundown of what to check out for when shopping for your combat shoes.

Comfort and Stability

Whether you’re an airport, bank, personal, escort, bank, or even personal security guard, the truth is you’ll be on your feet for most of the time. Thus, go for a pair of shoes that include excellent padding on the insole to manage all the pressure exerted by your body when walking or standing for long hours.

Other features that can increase comfort in security shoes include a cushioned collar and soft lining. The best shoes for security guards should have a long and carefully cushioned insole to enhance comfort and provide a secure fit. Boots with rubber soles are considered to be more stable on different grounds.


Here is another important aspect to add to your footwear. There are many types of inserts we didn’t want to get into a big debate over each of them. However, we can confidently recommend the custom fit offered by the above shoes.

Most footbeds out there are said to be custom, but they are precisely made for you. Therefore, it is important to make sure the model in question features the right and comfy orthotics.

If you can find one with a removable footbed, that will be golden. Some of these shoes are likely to be expensive, coming at around $50, but they still offer the best value for money when it comes to performance.

Waterproof, Oil Resistant, and Electric Shockproof

When working as a security guard, one should be prepared for unexpected weather changes and survival situations. Water/oil resistant shoes allow your feet to be safe from wet weather conditions. This makes the cleaning much easier.

Electric shockproof shoes will ensure your security guard job is easy and enjoyable even when walking on lighting conditions. Consider something that comes with upper and sole being shockproof and oil resistant. This comes in handy when working on risky or messy conditions.

Breathability and Durability

Serving as a security guard requires you to be on your feet throughout the shift. With a breathable pair of shoes, your feet will be in heaven. Breathability is highly recommended since you don’t want your feet to develop an awful smell and bacteria due to long security guard shifts.

Models designed with a mesh upper are more ventilated than those crafted with 100% synthetic or rubber fabric. Choosing a pair with adequate airflow keeps your feet aerated and free from foot ailments and unpleasant foot odor.


Bottom Line

When searching for the best shoes for security guards, just have it in mind that you’ll be spending most of your working hours standing or walking. Therefore, compatible and well-padded footwear should be the first priority.

Walking or standing for hours means that more pressure and impact will be exerted to your feet, and this might cause ankle, heel, and knees problems. We found the above-discussed options to have excellent cushioning, hence keeping your feet from any sort of pain. And when it comes to comfort, support, flexibility, and durability, these best shoes for a security guard are certainly worth considering.