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Best Shoes after Calcaneal Fracture

Best Shoes after Calcaneal Fracture

If you have had a Calcaneal fracture, you know how painful it can be. It worsens as you struggle to get used to using the foot without exerting pressure on the fractured heel bone. The pain can overwhelm you until you find the best shoes after a calcaneal fracture.

You may wonder what can cause a fracture of the calcaneus or heel bone. The common cause is usually a fall where you land on your feet or a car crash. When it happens, you may need reconstruction surgery.

Your doctor may also use rest, immobilization, compression, and elevation (Rice) as part of your treatment regime. The foot is compressed if it swells and is elevated to avoid edema. Immobilization is significant in protecting the heel from more damage and helping the fracture to heal faster. It also ensures the foot is not deformed as it heals.

The impact on the heel makes it deform, shorten or fracture, all of which may need corrective surgery. To quicken the healing process, you will need the best shoes to immobilize the injured area and protect it from further damage. 

Here Are The Best Shoes after Calcaneal Fracture

Darco Med-Surg Shoe

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These will help immobilize your heel as it is specially designed for that purpose. It will quicken the healing process since it has metatarsal heads in the insole that work to offload the plantar portion so that your heel can heal uninterrupted.

It is fitted with a unique forefoot closure to protect your toes. They also have a square toe design to give room for your toes to move freely without friction. Besides, the straps and buckles have no pressure points, meaning they will not exert pressure on any particular part of the foot. This shoe has ankle straps that secure the foot to the sole without pressing it excessively.

You can wear this shoe on the left or right foot, as it is a universal shoe.  And when you want to immobilize the foot completely, you can use the pegs assist that come with this shoe.

However, this may not be necessary for most people as the shoe immobilizes the foot sufficiently for you to move it without damaging the fractured bone further.


  •       Easy to wear
  •       Waterproof
  •       Has adjustable straps to manage their tightness
  •       Made for all shoe sizes
  •       Effective at supporting your healing foot
  •       Can be worn on either foot


  • May run big

ProCare Post-Op Shoe

ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe
  • Allows the dressing to be kept clean and toes dry, providing stable protection following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma
  • Square toe design acts as a bumper and provides additional room and comfort for your foot
  • Features high ankle strapping that maintains your foot in proper position

Most calcaneal fractures require you to have an operation as part of the treatment. Failing to get an appropriate shoe after the operation can be devastating. ProCare Post-Op is the right shoe after calcaneal fracture. Experts who understand the structure of the foot design them to give maximum support to your recovering heel.

These are open shoes so that they can leave your toes dry and the dressing clean. The square toe design on this shoe gives room for your forefoot to move unhindered. Your foot will remain in the correct position when you fasten it with adjustable ankle straps.

They also have a wide, rigid rocker sole that increases your comfort. This way, your healing process takes a shorter time. You can wear it on any of your feet, as it is a universal post-operative shoe.


  • Does not interfere with the dressing on the healing wound
  • Has high ankle straps to fasten the foot into position
  • Blend well with your regular shoes
  • Has a wavy bottom sole to make it skid-free
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Wide enough to accommodate a bandage and socks
  • Come with a customizable wrap


  • The uninjured foot may appear shorter, causing you to walk with a limp

Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

This shoe is also referred to as the Achilles Tendonitis boot. It is constructed with EVA foam that is firm and effective in absorbing shock. It has adequate padding on the inside and the footbed to absorb shock and keep you safe from friction and blistering.

You can control the rigidity of the boot as it has air bladders that you can inflate or deflate as you wish. It is coated with a moisture-wicking fabric so that your feet remain dry and fresh.

The boot also has a perfect ventilation system to keep your foot cool and hygienic. You can wear this shoe after calcaneal fracture for a long time since it is firm and does not inhibit air and blood flow on your foot. Besides, it supports your foot adequately for it to heal fast.


  • Eva foam padding for effective shock absorption
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Air bladders to control rigidity
  • Has adjustment straps
  • Rocker bottom sole


  • Might make the healing leg appear taller

Aircast Short Pneumatic Walker Brace/ Walking Boot

Aircast SP Walking Brace - Medium
  • Specifically designed to provide mobility, protection and pneumatic support for day-to-day activities while recovering from injury

This shoe will offer you maximum support to shorten your healing process. It features two air cells that you can inflate and deflate separately using a hand pump. This is good as it helps you regulate the padding so that the foot is fully supported. 

If your foot is still dressed, this boot will have room for your foot and the dressings. Unlike most walking boots, you can wear this lightweight shoe after calcaneal fracture all day without experiencing discomfort, excessive heat, or odor.

It is easy to care for since you can hand wash it and leave it to dry naturally. And if you have perspired in your boot or it is slightly soiled, a simple wipe with soapy water will refresh it in readiness for your next day’s use.


  • Adjustable cushioning system
  • Adequate space for the foot and dressings
  • Washable components
  • Air cells that you adjust separately
  • Locker soles to reduce risk of slippage and enhance mobility


  • The boot can be noisy

Mars Wellness Square Toe Shoe

MARS WELLNESS Premium Post Op Broken Toe / Foot Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe - Womens (Medium (Pack of 1))
  • Allows the dressing to be kept clean and toes dry, providing stable protection following post-operative procedures and forefoot trauma
  • Square toe feature acts as a bumper and gives added protection at the toe area
  • Adjustable ankle strap and padded heel minimize heel slippage and allows for proper foot positioning

Your healing process can turn into a nightmare if you do not get the right support. One of the significant features that should not miss in your post-op shoe is the ability to let in air. Mars Wellness Square Toe Shoe does just that.

The square toe is aimed at allowing as much airflow as possible. This not only keeps your foot cool but also discourages the growth of microorganisms in your injured foot.

 While your foot is recovering, you need to be careful not to deform it by adapting a twisted gait. That is why this shoe has a square toe design to act as a bumper to keep your foot naturally aligned. This is also made possible by ankle straps that you can alter to position your heel and foot correctly.


  • Universal shoe
  • Adjustable straps to prevent slippage
  • Non-skid treads at the bottom
  • Adequate room for foot and bandages
  • Absorbent and soft inner padding
  • Odor and heat control mechanism


  • The upper foot strap may loosen prematurely

Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Aircast AirSelect Standard Walker Brace / Walking Boot, Medium
  • Features a durable, semi-rigid shell that helps support the limb while providing full-shell protection. Selector dial - Nylon
  • SoftStrike technology absorbs and dissipates shock, while the lightweight and lab-tested rocker sole combine to encourage a natural gait
  • Overlapping Duplex air cells line the shell providing intermittent pneumatic compression for 3-times faster edema reduction

Also referred to as the healing boot, it will not only support your recovering foot but also help to alleviate the pain.  It has a semi-rigid shell that supports your foot and provides full-shell protection.

The Soft Strike technology incorporated in this shoe will absorb and disperse shock so that you do not experience any pressure on your injured foot. This lightweight boot is durable. It has a rocker sole that has been lab-tested to ensure it supports your natural gait when using this shoe.

The boot is also designed to reduce edema faster. This is made possible by the overlapping Duplex air cells on the shell that offer intermittent pneumatic compression. It is also ventilated and has a non-marking skid-proof rubber outsole. Its universal fit helps it fit on any foot.


  • Sleek, open frame
  • Skid-resistant outsole
  • Ventilated
  • Lightweight
  • Offered in several sizes
  • Effective in absorbing shock
  • Offers pneumatic compression for fast edema reduction


  • Makes the injured foot some inches longer

ManaMed Royal Boot Air Tall CAM Boot

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This shoe provides support, mobility, and protection so that you can engage in your daily activities while recovering. It has a threaded rocker foot bottom to prevent you from skidding.

The insole has thick padding to absorb pressure and prevent foot fatigue. The cast padding is meant to immobilize your ankle to prevent further injury. It is a tall walking boot to support your leg. The ventilations on the shell keep the foot cool and fresh and discourage the accumulation of germs and odors.

You can regulate the pneumatic compression your boot gives you using the valve and bulb system embedded on the shell. This universal boot fits the right and left foot alike.


  • Adjustable calf width
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Allows airflow
  • Non-marking treaded outsole
  • Easy to wear
  • Has straps that immobilize the heel and ankle


  • May not fit well in extra slim feet

United Ortho Fracture Walking Boots

These are plastic molded shoes with steel reinforcement to toughen their support. It is durable and effective in stabilizing your heel and ankles. You can modify the compression level with the embedded air bladders. This being a knee-length boot, it will stabilize the foot and keep it in a natural position.

The rocker sole is significant in helping you maintain a natural gait. The insole is cushioned so that it can protect your foot from pressure and friction. The insoles are orthopedic grade, fitted with the right firmness to keep your foot supported and comfortable.

The steel reinforcement will prevent abnormal twisting so that the foot can retain its normal shape. The footbed is wide so that it can hold your cast and swollen foot.


  • Has modifiable straps to keep the leg intact
  • Give support from the toes to the knees
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Works well with many kinds of foot injuries


  • The glue on the straps may weaken prematurely

BraceAbility Post-Op Shoe

This shoe is roomy. It will accommodate and keep your cast and dressings clean. It has a square toe design and a rocker threaded bottom to keep your foot safe and ventilated. Ventilation is important for reducing heat and discouraging the buildup of bacteria in the covered wound.

It offers superb mobility, protection, and support to your recovering fracture to allow you to undertake your day-to-day activities without the risk of further injuries to the foot. It has Velcro closures that you can regulate to your desired tightness.

The supportive foam insole keeps your foot comfortable. It is thick enough to absorb any pressure from heavy steps so that your foot does not hurt. Moreover, to give you a natural gait, the outsole has a rigid rocker bottom. The treads prevent you from skidding so that you can walk safely on any surface.


  • Lightweight breathable shoe
  • Easy to regulate Velcro closures
  • Wide enough to give room for a cast and dressings
  • Universal fit
  • Anti-slip padded insole
  • Made for men, women and, kids sizes


  • Not waterproof

Now that you know the best shoe after calcaneal fracture, do you know what to consider before buying your post-op or healing shoes? Let us explore that here:

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Shoe after Calcaneal Fracture

As you may have noted, there are a lot of brands making and selling calcaneal fracture shoes. The many available options may overwhelm you. You also may not know which brands are sub-par and which ones will give you value for your money. Here are some of the things you should consider:


Knowing how much pain you are enduring on your injured foot, would you be ready to subject it to further discomfort? Look for a comfortable shoe. Consider if it is padded, well-fitting, ventilated, and rigid enough to support our foot. It should allow you a proper posture for the foot and heel.


The heel area needs to be protected for it to heal faster. If it is exposed, it will be prone to further injury, making it hard for it to heal. Look for a shoe with protective features for the wounded part.


Initially, you may have to wear a cast or bandages on your heel.  It may also swell, thus needing more room. Get a roomy shoe to accommodate this additional width. You may also want your shoe to help you manage the swelling. It will be helpful if it has modifiable straps so that you can loosen and tighten it as you desire.


Your recovering foot needs to be stable and immobilized if it is to heal fast. The shoe you are buying should have straps that fasten the heel and ankles to a stable position.

If the foot is not stabilized, you will flex it and worsen the injury. Without a stabilizing shoe, the foot will develop a deformity, as you will be tempted to keep it in an unnatural position.


Your foot healing foot should not bear extra weight. Look for a lightweight shoe with all the necessary features.


This helps in keeping your foot cool and fresh. Remember that if the foot has a cast or dressings, they are adding warmth to the foot. Too much heat will be uncomfortable and may cause more complications on the wounded heel.

Skid Resistant

Imagine walking on your healing shoe with your recovering foot skidding now and then. This may cause you to fall or twist the foot causing more injuries and pain. The bottom outsole should be made of non-slip material like rubber. If it has treads, it will increase its stability.

FDA Certified

FDA should have tested and certified your shoe. FDA certifies food, medical devices, and medicines to ensure they are safe for consumers. If you are not sure, confirm from FDA’S orange book that lists all the certified items.

Post-Operation Certified

Some of the shoes on the market are not certified as post-op shoes. There are professional bodies that inspect and certify the effectiveness of post-op shoes. These people understand what should go into a post-op shoe. Go only for certified shoes.


A calcaneal fracture occurs when the heel bone cracks or breaks. It is considered a major injury since it affects other parts of the foot. Treatment may involve surgery. Your doctor may also advise you to rest, immobilize the foot, compress it if it is swollen, or elevate it.

The pain from a broken calcaneus or heel bone can be overwhelming. You want the injury to heal fast without deforming your foot. You, therefore, need a shoe that will give you protection and support the healing foot.

Some of the features of the best shoe after calcaneal fracture include comfort, breathability, and lightweight. Ensure the shoe has stabilizers for the heel and ankle. It should be skid-proof to eliminate the risk of skidding and falling