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Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant, Medical, And Service Workers

Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant, Medical, And Service Workers

Working in a fast-paced service environment such as medical and restaurant is not a walk in the park. Whether that means being in a trendy dining establishment or an ever-busy medical center, the fact is you will need to make hasty movements within the premises without prejudicing your professionalism.

As such, service workers need to make the best footwear decision. Otherwise, slips, fatigue, knee, and back problems are likely to be the issue. One of the most important things to look for when shopping for a pair of work shoes is slip-resistance.

Medical workers and servers at restaurants can be riddled with hazards. Minor spills might be an injury on hold for those who are not prepared. Slip-resistant shoes help keep you stable if you walk over a wet surface, which is probably why most hospital and restaurant principals advocate for non-skid shoes.

Slip-resistant shoes basically incorporate a rubber outsole that will hold on to slippery surfaces. In addition, these environments call for shoes that are well-padded to keep you comfortable and grounded throughout the shift. An appropriately designed shoe can be a lifesaver.

Below we’ve provided a detailed review of some of the best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant, Medical, And Service Workers that you may want to try.

Here are the Best Best Non Slip Shoes

 Skechers For Work Men’s 76832 Rockland Systemic Lace-Up Shoe

Made by one of the most recognized sneaker manufacturers in the world, Skechers, the Rockland Synthetic Lace-Up shoe is definitely among the best footwear choices any hospital or restaurant service worker should consider. A favorite style that matches most professional needs.

The shoes will serve great for restaurant workers with their excellent comfort and traction. As you would expect, this pair has a smooth leather upper, slip-resistant outsole, and even electrical hazard safety properties.

Contrary to other models with prominent treads, the rubber soles employed on the Rockland Synthetic Lace-Up shoes are designed with a low profile. Nonetheless, the low profile doesn’t mean that the shoes aren’t functional.

In fact, the special design will add more traction on most slippery surfaces. Not to mention that the outsole also features extra grips on its perimeter and the edges of the wheel. That means you will have maximum protection throughout.

Speaking of comfort, the Rockland Synthetic Lace-Up shoes boast a contoured insole and thick cushioning, yet it doesn’t fall short on fit.

Both the tongue and the collar are well padded, so you don’t have to worry about stiffness or developing blisters after a long working day. Like other best options on the list, the insoles featured here are removable, thus easy to clean and maintain.


  •       Smooth synthetic leather upper
  •       Flexible, non-slip outsole
  •       Padded tongue and collar
  •       Shock absorbing midsole
  •       Electrical hazard safe design


  •       No cons at the moment

Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe

If you’re a server in a typically fast pace restaurant, you definitely need a pair of shoes that can help you get through long shifts without your heels, ankles, and knees hurting.

Fortunately, Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe is one of the best options you can get under such a description. These shoes are ideal for medical professional professionals as well.

The Sketchers 77217 is made with textile material that adds a breathable effect on the shoes. That means your feet will remain cool and dry throughout, and you won’t have to worry about any excess moisture or sweating inside the shoes.

The synthetic soles are slip-resistant and are built with durability in mind. After all, healthcare and restaurant service workers are always busy with their responsibilities; having a durable pair of shoes is inevitable.

Another pro is that your ankle will feel much than they would with regular shoes. The non-slip is amazing, and the fit here runs perfectly, although some reviews stated that they were too small.

Note that the floors near the dishwashers are typically wet and slippery, and hospitals are associated with slippages. For such cases, this pair makes it as if the water wasn’t on the floor. You’ll hardly slip, and the shoes are super cute.

The designing and construction of the Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Shoes make them best for nurses since they feature a cooling foam in the sole. By repelling stains, this Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Sr Hc Pro Health Care Professional Shoe has made maintenance easier for the users.

With the comfortable synthetic soles, the restaurant servers and healthcare professionals can count on this pair in their most extended shifts. Moreover, the shoes will repel water and stain, so you don’t have to stress taking extra care of the shoes after work.


  •       Water repellent
  •       Stain-free upper
  •       Durable soles
  •       Breathable construction
  •       Slip-resistant


  •       They take a short while to break in properly.

Skechers 76536EC/BBK Sure Track Shoes

For a slip-on casual slip-resistant work shoe, those working in a restaurant and medical centers would be grand to consider the 76536EC/BBK Sure Track Shoes from Skechers.  

These shoes are designed with synthetic soles that can give protection against slippery grounds. The shoes are made with leather materials and are suitable for medical workers and the restaurant serves.

With the athletic cushioning, this pair will last for a great course. The cushioning enhances longevity; thus, you won’t have to go shopping sooner due to lack of comfort. While the shoes are slip-resistant, servers and medical service workers can quickly access this shoe and be ready for work.

The heel is designed with a pull-on loop for adjustability. You can customize the fit by pulling the laces. Another thing that makes these shoes best for healthcare workers is that they are spillage and water-resistant. That means users can have them for a long time and still have a nice new look, even after several spillage occurrences.


  •       Slip-resistant
  •       Flexible and durable rubber outsole
  •       Athletic cushioning
  •       Soft fabric collar trim
  •       Excellent support and comfort


  •       Big guys might want to reconsider

Easy Works Women’s Lyndee Health Care Professional Shoe

The Easy Works Lyndee Shoe are derived from different synthetic materials and promising components that make it ideal for Health Care Professionals. The overall built quality provides great support and natural balance, while the non-slip outsole comes in handy even on the slickest surfaces.

The removable footbed is carefully padded and will provide comfort to the feet. Besides, you can always change it in case it gets shrunk. Easy Works Lyndee is best suited for nurses because they offer enough room for the toes. The toe box is pretty much accommodative and will even let your toes wiggle, which is a great advantage for health and restaurant service workers.

The shoe measurement from the platform is nearly 0.5 inches, so stability is rather assured. And although these shoes are imported, they are incredibly functional, especially for people who spend most of their day standing.


  •       Removable insoles
  •       Non-marking outsole
  •       Slip-resistant
  •       Stylish design
  •       Great stability


  •       Not the easiest to keep clean

safeTstep Men’s Expo Runner

If you’re searching for a shoe that looks great, then you might want to see and check out the safeTstep Men’s Expo Runner. These shoes look like any other shoe, but with some extra style and flair, they are special and ideal for restaurant servers and hospital workers.

The exterior of the shoe features synthetic materials. They are designed with a breathable mesh that looks great too. Although they look like a normal pair of shoes, they are built on slip and oil-resistant outsole.

This tread outsole is non-marking, meaning you will be able to move swiftly on the floors without leaving scuff marks behind. Inside the shoe, you will get a 24/7 comfort insole. These insoles are stuffed with superior cushioning and padding for both comfort and support.


  •       Anti-fatigue shoes
  •       Very accommodative
  •       Excellent support and comfort
  •       Non-slip
  •       Great for extended shifts


  •       The model lacks clear description tags.

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Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip-Resistant Work Shoe

To someone who has had trouble with their feet, wearing quality shoes is the only option. And if you work in a restaurant or are a hospital service worker, being on hard floors most of the time is obvious and having slip-resistant shoes is essential. Luckily, the Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip-Resistant Work Shoe is just fantastic.

They are incredibly comfortable and boast superior construction that will keep you working without feet problems. Well, we understand that getting good men’s nursing shoes isn’t a walk in the park. We’re pretty sure that this pair is by far the best option in the range.

For a bigger difference, you might want to wear these with compression socks, and your feet will be able to make it in the whole shift.  They might cost a little more compared to other slip-resistant brands, but they’re well worth the extra bucks. They are stable on surfaces, and cleaning won’t hurt either.

Overall, Merrell’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip shoes are a great option suited for any man working in a hospital or restaurant environment. One of the most impressive features of these shoes stems from the inside.

The lining is derived from breathable mesh to enhance comfort, and the heel incorporates air cushioning that absorbs shock. This, in turn, combats the excessive impact on your feet, so you’ll still be comfortable at the end of the day.


  •       Incredibly comfortable
  •       Superior build quality
  •       Cushioning to enhance shock absorbency
  •       Easy to clean


  •       Not all that breathable

Dockers Men’s Lawton Slip-Resistant Slip-On Shoes

The Dockers Men’s Lawton Slip-Resistant Slip-On are great looking shoes with a contemporary matte finish. Whether you work in a restaurant, medical, or airline service worker, these shoes are designed to be comfortable and supportive enough.

With their slip-on loafer design, the shoes feature an upper portion made from treated leather to resist stains and fluids. That means the shoe will display a high-class look throughout. The insoles and the linings are made with soft fabrics. The shoes’ interior is well-cushioned, and the heel gel comfort, making it ideal for all-day wearing.

Speaking of safety, these shoes will protect from a variety of surfaces. It does feature a 1-inch heel, and the entire heel is covered in a special tread that ensures traction. All things considered, the shoe is a safe choice for medical and restaurant environments. It also maintains a fashionable appearance.


  •       Comfortable slip-on shoes
  •       Non-slip outsole for service workers
  •       Safe construction
  •       Soft insoles and protective linings
  •       Fashionable appearance


  •       Not the most durable on our list

Crocs Bistro Clog

Lightweight, non-slip, and comfortable, the Crocs Bistro Clogs are made of croslite materials. They are stable and reliable on slippery floors. The traction level is superb, and they will protect users from accidental slides and falling.

Another aspect that makes this worthwhile is the synthetic material. They are lightweight and reliable, meaning you will have great stability without adding any unnecessary weight to your feet. More to the supportive base, these clogs will remain handy throughout the day, certainly best for healthcare workers.

Moreover, the shoes are easy to maintain, which is probably why it boasts excellent reviews among healthcare employees. With the lightweight features and slip-resistant synthetic soles that offer good protection on different surfaces, you can be sure to work comfortably with this pair from Crocs.


  •       Slip-resistant outsole
  •       Comfortable
  •       Lightweight construction
  •       Protective base


  •       It might not run true to size.

Annte Shoes Men’s Restaurant Kitchen Work Anti-Slip Resistant Style

These slip-safe shoes from Annte are basic and functional in design, yet they are loaded with plenty of durability features. The slip-safe outsole features a unique design that doesn’t hold on to water or fluids. This fact alone makes it reliable on various surfaces and conditions while being easy to clean and keep up.

The upper is tough enough for longevity, while the inside is soft to the skin. That means users will not have to worry about bunions or blisters even after wearing these shoes all day long.

The insoles utilized here are comfortable and agreeable but developed with durability in mind. They are essentially designed to withstand heavy wear and tear. The anti-slip design is complemented by real leather for durability too. Moreover, the glue formulation employed here is of high caliber; thus, the pair will make it through hectic shifts.


  •       Durable built quality
  •       Slip-resistant design
  •       Great for all-day use
  •       Comfortable insoles


  •       No issues reported

Best Non Slip Shoes For Restaurant, Medical And Service Workers: Buying Guide

Restaurant, medical, and related service workers are constantly on their feet and can easily make over 10,000 steps in a single day at the workplace. They typically stand on their feet most of their shift. It is, therefore, important to choose shoes that are appropriately sized, supportive, shock absorbent, non-slip, and above all, comfortable.

Well, shoes may not be as fun as the drink menu, but they are just as important. The right footwear will keep you safe and comfortable on your feet.

So how do you select the best restaurant or medical service shoes? These are the various factors to think through before making the final move:


There are various aspects that dictate the level of comfort present in a certain pair of shoes. Podiatrists and footwear experts recommend buying shoes toward the end of the day when your feet are most swollen. If you find them comfortable at the end of the day, chances are they remain comfortable for the rest of the day.

Be sure to check whether the toe box is accommodative enough to give your toes some room to wiggle slightly.

Also, go for a comfortable footbed. The shoe should support the arch with ample memory foam or an EVA anti-compression insole, for that matter. Outsoles made of rubber will help alleviate each step’s impact better than a shoe with a hard sole.

Your shoes should provide comfort throughout to the end of a shift. Consider trying a service work shoe when your feet are swollen to see how comfortable they are. The toe box should have enough room for extra comfort and flexibility. Look for shoes that support the natural arch support of your foot. This will enhance comfort and prevent ankle sprains and other problems.

Decent insoles is another vital feature. Anti-compression is the best. It’s also important to go for shoes with rubber outsoles- an agreeable platform that softens your feet’ impact and pressure during movements.


Look for medical or restaurant shoes with good arch support. One of the most common issues experienced by workers in these environments is sore feet. According to experts, the problem is caused by wearing unsupportive shoes. Your feet naturally pronate or tend to walk with most weight placed on the inside edge of the feet during the gait cycle.

Wearing unsupportive shoes will make your feet pronate way too long, which will consequently alter the biomechanics and distribution weight and pressure across the feet. The resultant imbalance triggers the development of any underlying foot deformities.

This may include heel pain, arch pain, posterior tibial tendonitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendonitis. This can easily lead to severe knee pain and backaches.

Don’t Skimp on Grip

Be sure to purchase non-slip or non-skid shoes. Medical workers and servers can fall over at the workplace, probably due to their hasty movements or downright loose footwear. Note that a slip can easily lead to severe fractures, leg and/or ankle sprains, and other serious foot issues. Consider a slip-resistant work shoe that features high traction rubber outsoles.

Similarly, it is important to check whether the shoe is water-repellent, or it is barely made with hard uppers. Spills and dropped objects are obvious in hospitals and restaurant environments.

Therefore, the shoes should protect, prevent, and minimize injuries at work. Shoes with black leather or polyurethane uppers are not only water-resistant but are also easy to clean and maintain.


We just can’t stress enough about this aspect. Your shoes need to protect you against potential injuries and water. Apart from being slip-resistant, the upper part of the shoes also has to be tough enough to keep you safe from damage caused by falling objects and spills.

After all, walking on wet shoes is the last thing any hospital or restaurant attendant would want. It is imperative to pick shoes that provide good water protection, preferably the ones with water-repellent construction, not really waterproof to leave room for breathability.

Easy To clean

We all know that certain footwear materials can be hard enough to clean and maintain. Being able to clean your shoes without much struggle is especially important if you’re working in the forefront, where you deal with guests. Remember, first impression matters, and coming out with dirty shoes won’t exactly scream professionalism.


If you want to get the best value for your money, durability must go uncompromised. Go for something derived from quality materials and built to last. You don’t want to go shopping every now and then due to lousily crafted shoes.


The Bottom Line

To sum things up, there are certainly great things to consider when buying the best slip-resistant shoes. Remember, you can choose your style based on the field you’re working in to meet your personal preference and comfort needs.

If you’re finding it rather hard to choose a pair, you can always go with an all-purpose slip-resistant shoe. Something that’s designed to work the best in different environments. Such shoes are typically associated with great comfort, slip-resistant features, durability, stain-resistant, and even ease of use.

Slip-resistant shoes are a must-have to any medical or restaurant worker. They help keep you safe from spills and slips while looking great at the same time. The above-discussed models are among the best shoes for restaurant and medical service workers available on the markets. They will keep you safe and comfortable while you speed around the workplace in style. Choose the right one, and your feet will thank you.