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Best House Shoes For Hard Floors-2020 Reviews

Best House Shoes For Hard Floors-2020 Reviews

As you shelter in place at home, your feet will take a beating. Unfortunately, we cannot wear “outdoors” shoes “indoors”- they will just bring dirt and potential germs vector.

On the other side, walking barefoot on hard floors results in foot pain and cold toes. Not to mention overuse breeds of wear and tear in your favorite socks.

Besides, other surfaces such as hardwood floors call for appropriate maintenance simply because they are delicate, stylish and more expensive too. Thus, outdoor shoes like high heels, for instance, are not such an option to minimize the wear and such abrasions.

With respect to all that, it might be time to have the best house shoes for hard floors.

We all know that hard floors are not so pleasurable, especially during colder seasons. You can, however, crave warmth and comfort while protecting your floorings if you have the right indoor footwear.

But before heading to the nearest local store or ordering a pair online, you may want to read our reviews to make a more informed decision on the best shoes to get along with.

We’ve talked with several experts and users who started embracing indoor footwear long ago. Below are the recommendations of tried-and-true best house shoes and slippers.

When choosing a pair, we usually recommend soft or rubber-based slippers. We present here the top ten slippers for hard floors for men and women currently available for purchase.

Here are Best House Shoes For Hard Floors

UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers

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Don’t leave your feet vulnerable to unforgiving hard floor surfaces. The UGG Women’s Coquette Slippers are specially designed to keep your feet comfortable and pampered as you can expect. The pair is lined with premium fur and rubber outsole that promotes durability.

The Coquette slipper is made from soft sheepskin and comes with a lightweight construction that makes wearing them such a breeze. They’re not so hot to cause sweating in your feet. In fact, they are so warm that you can wear them without socks.

Another impressive feature of this best slipper for hard floors is the use of sheepskin sole, nylon binding, and the tread lite technology for the outside. The pair is available in multiple. So if you are looking for the best house footwear, look no further than the UGG Conquest slippers.

The shoe is also designed for use both inside and outside. Buyers have been mostly pleased by the overall quality of these slippers. Some said that they fit very well and that they are of a great investment.

The fit is excellent, particularly for those who live in chilly places and have hard floorings in their homes. The pair is easy to clean. We recommend using the UGG branded cleaner and conditioners that are also available in shoe stores.


  •       Soft and warm
  •       Stylish and comfortable
  •       Sheepskin insole
  •       EVA outsole


  •       Sole may wear out quickly
  •       Size runs small

ACORN Women’s Faux Chinchilla Collar Slipper

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The Acorn Chinchilla Collar Slipper is one of the best house shoes that features a built-in pillow collar to ensure softness around the ankle area. It has a warm Italian soft upper that boasts a fashionable touch while the inside of the slipper is excellently lined with comfy faux chinchilla material.

Acorn’s signature comfort sole incorporates a variety of orthopedic and therapeutic components. These include the insole lining that keeps your feet dry throughout, low-profile soft-touch that adds comfort to every step.

The shoe also highlights the Acorn memory foam for excellent cushioning feel, full-length EVA layer for shock absorbency, and non-skid TPR outsole with elevated arch and heel design. Not to mention that the whole thing is waterproof and ensures better footing and support.

You can wear these comfy orthopedics while indoors for lounging around the home as well as indoors when picking up the newspaper or collecting the mail. The pair will also lavish your feet with warmth after a long busy day.

The upper material couples with the cuddly lining to keep your toes toasty while the rubber outsole offers the much-needed grip and traction. Most users state that the pair is cute, comfortable, and durable, yet it’s not that expensive.


  •       Acorn signature comfort sole design
  •       Italian plush uppers
  •       Ideal for both indoors and outdoors
  •       Non-skid TR outsole
  •       Full-length EVA subsides shock
  •       Low-density foam for extra comfort
  •       Moisture-wicking insole to keep your feet dry


  •       Not the most durable upper 

Women’s Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam Slippers

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If you’re looking for an entirely cushioned cotton indoor footwear, or simply quiet and soft house shoes for hard floors, then you should try this Griddling Coral Velvet slippers.

The pair is perfect for women across all ages and seasons. Slide your feet right into these memory foam slippers, and you will certainly enjoy the slipper-wearing experience. Once you experience the comfort, you will hardly want to take them off.

These best slippers for hard floors come with three layers of memory foam that couples with a sponge for added comfort. The upper layer brings you a steady, elastic, and cozy foot experience. In fact, the Coral Fleece slippers are much softer and comfortable than most shoes out there.

They have a high-density foam base, yet they are among the best lightweight slippers you can find on the market. Pick a pair now and get rid of those hard-hitting toasties a break.

Coral Velvet is available in multiple a range of different colors, including pink, purple, and grey selections. These stylish slippers are designed to fit most foot sizes. You should consider trying a pair of them.


  •       Cute and stylish
  •       Satisfaction guarantee
  •       Soft and comfortable
  •       Non-skid side-seamed outsole
  •       Uncompromised comfort


  •       Minimal color variety

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Festooning Men’s Comfort Memory Foam Slippers

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When you’re back after work, one thing you’d like is to relax. So you need to have a reliable slipper for better comfort and relaxation.

The Festooning Men’s Memory Foam slippers are certainly among the best choices as far as house shoes for hard floors are concerned. It is specially designed to bring all-day comfort.

These slippers are terrific for men who like enjoying the comfort at its fullest; they add warmth around the entire foot. They are not easy to crack. They are just solid and reliable as the edge is seam crafted, which makes your feet feel warmer.

If you want something for the house, the Festooning is very comfortable and indeed the best choice for you.

Additionally, these slipper shoes can be a nice gift for family and friends, especially on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day. It is one of the best slippers for men that you can find on the market.


  •       Anti-slip rubber outsole
  •       Classic coffee stripe
  •       Waterproof rubber sole
  •       Memory foam-lined


  •       Minimal Color variety

ISOTONER Women’s Microterry Wider Width Chukka Clog

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In our list of the best house shoes for hard floors, the ISOTONER Wide Width Chukka Clog is one of the simplest women slippers to take your feet in an indoor and outside area.

It is brand-named footwear that features innovative comfort while cradling your feet from heel to toes. You can effectively relax your feet with the ISOTONER Chukka Clog.

The advanced shock absorption subsides muscle fatigue in your feet, while the temperature-controlling gel comes in handy to keep your feet cool and fresh throughout.

The cotton ensures supreme softness alongside delicate embroidery for some bit of feminine best fashion. Similar to all ISOTONER slippers, the gel-infused components are machine washable. And at the end of the day, you will achieve a simple take off since the shoes are comfortable to put on/off.

So if you want to keep your feet warm and comfortable, this is definitely a good product worth considering.


  •       Convenient house shoes
  •       Charming vogue with excellent design
  •       Easy to maintain and machine washable
  •       Soft micro terry radical heat for purposeful warmth


  •       Sole might wear out quickly.

Skechers BOBS Women’s Keepsakes Ice Angel Slipper

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The Skechers BOBS house slipper is available in black, chocolate, and taupe. With a 5 to 11 size range, you can easily find yours. If you want a long-lasting sandal for chilly indoor moments, the Ice Angle Slipper could be a perfect choice for you.

The base of these slippers is made with a solid rubber sole that serves exceptionally for an excellent grip when walking around on hard floors. They are designed for ultimate comfort when indoors and outdoors.

The pair comes with a cable knot upper that couples with a faux fur collar to ensure undisrupted comfort while walking.

A sheer number of users state that the entire construction is cute and nicely built. They also appreciate the fact that the upper section is crafted with a soft sweater and knit fabric. The BOBS Ice Angle is definitely among the best house slippers for hard floors.


  •       Shock absorbing midsole
  •       Heel pull-on tab
  •       Faux fur-covered insole
  •       Memory foam cushioned footbed


  •       Falling apart though comfy


SOREL Falcon Ridge

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Leather slipper designed for ultimate at-home comfort, the SOREL Falcon Ridge is a perfect choice to have. It’s a great pair, especially when you’re longing in your pajamas or when traveling but wants to have your own comfortable house shoes.

Crafted from genuine cowhide suede, the Falcon Ridge comes durable with a stitching and quality outsole. It is ideal for indoor applications and will also serve well during those outdoor moments going for your morning papers.

The outsole featured by this model is made of natural rubber, which is not only environmentally-friendly but also delivers a high level of sticky traction, preventing any slippages, especially on hard floors.

The footbed is made with sculpted EVA foam, and it is well-cushioned for maximum comfort and support. The footbed is upholstered with a union of wool and acrylic to keep your feet warm during winter months.

Also, if you like using custom orthotics in your footwear, the Falcon Ridge allows for replacement of the factory-made inserts with your own.

Although it’s slightly more expensive than most options on this list, the shoe is still an excellent winter choice for anyone longing for a durable slipper that can bear the test of time.

The replaceable insole is an outstanding feature, both for hygiene and comfort purposes. So if that’s something cool to you, then you might want to choose the Falcon Ridge house shoes.


  •       Removable footbed
  •       Natural rubber outside
  •       Wool and acrylic lining
  •       Cowhide upper


  •       Runs small
  •       Colors tend to vary from images.

Tamarac by Slippers International Sheepskin

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Made by a prominent brand, synonymous with comfy and soft slippers, the Tarmac Sheepskin could be just what your feet need. The uppers are soft and lined with lambswool.

The pillow memory foam footbed provides a luxe cushion to every step you take. Perhaps one thing you can find really interesting to take a minute or two to wrap your feet up in a soft and warm pair of slippers.

The by Slippers International Sheepskin comes with an incredibly soft suede upper that serves for a great feel and foot insulation.

Moreover, the rubber outsole supports outside applicability, when you want to secure the Sunday paper or some files at the car, probably after an exhausting day at work.

These shoes are slightly more expensive compared to some. However, they are worth the investment for their quality plush wool lining, soft uppers, and long-lasting construction.

Compatible for kicking back inside, the pair can also be used for simple outdoor sessions since they come with rubber to protect you. Overall, it’s a great pair for those searching for softness, coziness, and warmth in versatile house footwear.


  •       Elastic side gores
  •       Lambswool lined
  •       Split toe seams
  •       Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


  •       Stitching durability
  •       Lining can shed

Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush Fleece Lined on Memory Foam Clog House Slippers

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Unlike most of the regular house slippers, the Vonmay Men’s Wool Plush Clog skippers are incredibly attractive and deliver an excellent comfort level, much better than most models out there.

The best clogs for hard floors boast wool-like upper and suede mudguard alongside durable outsole, making this pair a one-stop choice for both indoors and outdoors purposes.

The fashionable style means you can have these slippers for more than one use. Once you’re feeling the comfort of the Fleece Lined on Memory Foam, you will never want to take them off.

The whole thing is fashionable and comfortable, yet stylish on hardwood floors. This versatile pair of slippers will offer the much-needed comfort for your feet throughout the day. Plus, they are durable enough to withstand the test of time.

The insole features three layers of memory foam plus sponge. The upper layer ensures stability and flexibility without skimping on comfort level.

That means your feet will achieve great comfort, as enhanced by the high-density memory foam. The platform is double layered and is thoroughly sponged.

The upper section is made from attractive fabric, stitched wool, and faux suede that keeps your feet warm and comfortable all day long. Furthermore, these are lightweight ballistic slippers, meaning you can have them throughout, short of strains and fatigue.


  •       Ultimate comfort
  •       Satisfaction guarantee
  •       Easy to clean
  •       Durable sole
  •       Great house slipper choice


  •       Minimal color selection
  •       More padding could be better.

SOREL MEN’S Manawan Slipper

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The SOREL MEN’S Manawan Slipper is yet another incredible choice for hardwood floors, suitable for long shifts and standing all day long. These slippers are designed to keep you warm when outside and inside.

They come with a thick lining, soft suede leather plus natural sole. These best slippers are meant for full comfort, and they also have an additional touch of elegant design that is technically made by the engineers.

There will be no heavy sweating as the shoes have enough breathable features. You will also enjoy plenty of grips, wool-blend faux-fur lining, and whip-stitched moccasin toe and years of use.

It is cold weather footwear that’s perfect for winter sports, including all-season hunting, fishing, and other simple activities. For all the reasons, the SOREL Men’s Manawan is undoubtedly among the best slippers for house use.


  •       Comfortable and flexible outsole
  •       The level of warmth is second to none
  •       Great for indoors and quick trips outside


  •       Size can run a bit small.

Best House Shoes for Hard Floors: Baying Guide 

When choosing the best shoes for hard floors, certain features should be present in the footwear. Below, we have listed the main aspects of the best house shoes for hard floors.


Weight is an essential criterion for the best shoes for hard floors. When it comes to slippers, the main focus for introducing them is the user’s flexibility. They are generally designed for enhancing smooth and comfortable movements within the home and outside.

The weight of house shoes dictates quite a bit of one’s overall performance and movements. Both in-house and outdoors slippers need to be very lightweight and easy to walk in. So make sure you choose something simple, quick, and flexible. The more lightweight the shoes are, the more comfortable it’s likely to be.

One important thing to note is that some shoes are made with more layers than others. Some manufacturers focus on adding extra features to the slippers. Consequently, they make the whole thing to be somewhat heavier. But for house shoes, they should be lightweight.

Although many aspects directly dictate the quality and eligibility of footwear, the most influential one is the ability to last. Generally speaking, the point is to make sure the shoes can be used for as much longer as you find significant. Therefore, slippers need to be durable.

Strong soles and uppers play a significant role in ensuring the shoe is durable and reliable. The fabric utilized to produce the slipper in question should be very tough, yet these should not hinder the performance. Comfort, movements, and overall performance should not be compromised. Therefore, when shopping for the best house shoes for hard floors, pay close attention to these criteria.


No one wants sweaty feet and the associated awful smell. In most cases, sweat makes a horrible odor, which can be really embarrassing. That brings the need for breathable footwear in every place. The house shoes that you choose should allow adequate air circulation to our feet. This will help to keep your feet fresh and dry.

The material used in the shoe can determine the breathability and how well the shoe can combat odor build-up. Breathable shoes will also protect you from bacteria that result from sweaty feet. So proper ventilation in your boots is a prior feature than you should consider.

Ease of Use

House slippers are generally meant to be convenient, simple, and flexible to walk in. The core purpose of having a sandal or wearing house shoes is to improve the overall comfort and convenience while in the house. How easily you can put your slippers on/off is very much important. You do not want more struggle after work trying to access your indoor footwear. If the shoes are not as accessible as you want, change them. Choose from those that can be used efficiently.

In the range of popular types of indoor footwear, most of them are convenient and serve the primary purpose. Getting up in the morning, right on the floor, the best thing to have is something easy to slide on. You don’t want any fight trying to put them on. So when choosing the best shoes for indoor use, make sure they are easy to put on and off. That way, you’ll have an easy time putting them on and off every time you want.

There may be some other feature to care for. But for this particular post, we focused on the most essential in terms of both comfort and functionality. Hopefully, you will get what you need by considering the above-listed features.

Bottom Line

You should always wear good slippers when on the hard floor because such flooring can cause a variety of problems. You may experience various kinds of pain if the shoes you’re wearing are not comfortable and protective enough. The above article consists of ten best house shoes for hard floors. Collect the right pair that best suits your needs preferences. These shoes are great for hard surfaces like tiles and hardwood, and they have excellent customer support.