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Are Vans Waterproof?

Are Vans Waterproof?

Our shoes get us through the milder seasons short of problems. When the winter arrives, though, they are relegated to the closet and the boot collection is resurrected.

Sure, when it comes to cleaning the gutters or shoveling the sidewalk, heavier footwear is preferred. Sneakers, meanwhile, can withstand downpour and coldest months if they are packed with the right features and technology.

Are Vans Waterproof?

Today, the brand boasts a major upgrade on sneakers such as the SK8-HiMTE that makes them totally killer all year round. The shoe is water-resistant and not waterproof.

Vans Shoe Overview

Vans were established in 1966 by brothers Jim Van Doren and Paul in Anaheim, California. Initially known as the Van Doren Rubber Company, the original authentic shoes were the first Vans silhouettes. The style was developed in the same year and has remained practically unchanged since.

The brand name quickly got shortened into the more relatable Vans as skaters came to love the shoes for their sticky soles and longevity. They consequently became a must-have for the California skate community by the mid-70s.

How Are Vans Shoes Made

All Vans styles are developed using a 5 step production process, which starts with an outsole. The entire process is down to a fine craft, being improved and perfected since their first outset. Vans are designed with a Vulcanized rubber outsole. That means the sole is essentially processed one time to treat the rubber and compress it into the brand’s signature waffle pattern.

The second process occurs when the full shoe is steamed after assembly. This makes the sole more durable and easy to break-in. The rest of the shoe is cut and designed with Van’s signature stitching and detailing, and then finished off with the rubber logo positioned on the heel.

The fact that Vans are made of canvas means they are easily cleaned. However, you might want to avoid unnecessary cleaning to preserve the bold color. Instead, just give them a refresh by cleaning the soles.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Vans shoes is that the sneakers are meant to remain breathable despite their water and wind-shielding properties. The shoes are made from WB-400 All-In-One soft fabric that consists of two textiles that have been bonded together for added efficacy.

Vans SK8-Hi Mountain Edition

Moving from one type of weather to another without having to always switchgear to be comfortable is one reason why the Vans MTE collection exists. Packed with a bunch of technical features, the Mountain Edition collection is an incredibly versatile line of footwear. It was purposely made to withstand the elements. And based on reviews, there’s a reason why the Vans MTE products are all qualified as “All Weather”. This collection is really designed for every kind of weather.

If you’re planning to walk or take your skateboard through slick rain-soaked streets, Vans has footwear that serves beyond sunny days. With their Mountain Edition, Vans upgraded some classic designs with weather-resistant features. The most prominent option in the Mountain Edition is the SK8-Hi MTE. This shoe comes with either a suede or leather upper. Both materials are Scotchguard-treated to keep the water out.

The Vans SK8-Hi Mountain Edition also features a gusted tongue that eliminates the openings in the sneaker’s upper for added protection. Inside, the manufacturer uses warm linings such as fleece and additional padding. There’s also a thermal heat-retention layer (vacuum-coated aluminum strobe board) between the outsole and sock liner that helps to retain up to nine degrees of heat within the sneakers.

The Mountain Edition outsole borrows inspiration from the snow boot history of the company. Moreover, the lug design is meant to provide rugged grip and traction just like a work or snow boot. It does this by pushing snow or slush out the side of the sole rather than letting it pile up inside the traction tread.

Coming down to functionality, the Sk8-Hi MTE boasts the look of a premium Vans sneaker, it serves really well in winter weather. The leather upper will easily shun downpour. The stated fleece lining provides warmth while the outsole offers solid traction.

The Sk8-Hi MTE is built with next-level waterproof leather and suede, meaning they will allow you to never stress over wet feet during rainy days. The shoes are waterproof and will repel water in every effective way so you’ll hardly get wet. So whether rain or not, rest assured there’s never a bad time to go play outside with Vans MTE.

Vans SK8-HiMTE Silhouette

Similar to most Vans shoes, the Mountain Edition comes with a lovable design that keeps the user’s feet dry and warm. While a few questioned its weatherproofing capability, the SK8-HiMTE is still recognized by most people because of its comfort level and style. Overall, these shoes will get you through rainy days with their lighter and comfortable structure.

The Bottom Line

No doubt that Vans designed the MTE shoe line with functional internal liners. They will keep your feet comfortably wrapped during the chilly autumn days. More to that, the heat retention layer positioned between the insole and outsole of the shoes comes in handy to keep the heat around your feet all the time.

The outerwear collection is also designed to resist the cold. It’s equipped with wind-resistant materials and construction that serve to retain the heat inside. Another mention is that the collection is meant to resist snow in fall. They might not be enough to go snowboarding in comparison to regular winter boots but are an excellent alternative if you need shoes that are a little tougher than your typical summer gear.