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An inspirational note: fashion needs to tak...

Apr 27, 20131 Comment290 Views

Despite the significant number of start-ups there are in the fashion space today, the propensity with which the fashion industry in its more ‘traditional’ sense


Velocity revisited: key quotes from Stefan ...

Jan 09, 20131 Comment1328 Views

I recently rediscovered my copy of Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital, written by Ajaz Ahmed of AKQA and Stefan Olander

Yet to be seduced by shoppable advertising

Nov 08, 20122 Comments600 Views

There’s an interesting debate about shoppable videos in this week’s issue of Marketing Magazine in the UK. In it, I comment on why I’m not

How the recession changed the luxury-advert...

May 20, 2011No Comments188 Views

“The recession was the best thing that ever happened to the fashion industry. A lot of what was going on before the recession felt very