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UPDATE: Your guide to all the strategic cha...

Feb 12, 20161 Comment240 Views

We know fashion weeks are changing radically around us. Numerous designers have opted to shift from producing shows intended for trade, to ones that actually


Uber and Lyst team up to stand out, offer f...

Feb 11, 2016No Comments130 Views

Uber might be introducing services that help you get your shopping faster, but during New York Fashion Week it’s letting you get it for free


Yoox Net-a-Porter: Native apps, m-commerce ...

Feb 09, 2016No Comments188 Views

How has the combined Yoox and Net-a-Porter online fashion giant been faring since the Italian and UK businesses linked-up? Pretty well actually with global growth


Digital snippets: Tommy Hilfiger’s #Insta...

Feb 02, 20162 Comments335 Views

Your round-up of the latest stories related to fashion and technology… Tommy Hilfiger to host first ‘Instapit’ for Instagram content creators at women’s show [WWD]


Embracing the #longread: how digital consum...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments521 Views

If you’re anything like me, you constantly have dozens of tabs open, bookmarks saved, emails placed in a strategic folder, and apps in use to


M-commerce now: All about smartphones &...

Jan 25, 2016No Comments327 Views

The world of e-shopping is now global and it’s also mobile. That’s the conclusion of a new report from the British Retail Consortium and Google


Digital snippets: Diesel’s ads on Por...

Jan 19, 2016No Comments501 Views

Your round-up of the latest stories related to fashion and technology… Why you’ll soon be seeing Diesel ads on Grindr, Tinder and Pornhub [i-D] Chanel


Chinese luxury: If you’re not online you...

Jan 18, 2016No Comments369 Views

All those luxury brands that have been spending millions on Chinese stores but have been lagging their peers in online development, need to sit up


Mobile wallets: Really ready for take-off?

Jan 05, 2016No Comments361 Views

2015 was the year of the mobile wallet. But despite the fast take-up, the payment method didn’t quite take off. However, the conditions are right


Digital snippets: Primania social success, ...

Jan 05, 2016No Comments297 Views

A round-up of all the stories surrounding fashion and tech you may have missed over the holidays… On social, ‘Primania’ looks to fill Primark’s e-commerce


How retailers are using mobile messaging to...

Jan 04, 20161 Comment747 Views

In 2016, you might find yourself texting more with customer service reps than your real friends. E-commerce has made some major technological strides in 2015,


Asos relaunches members-only platform as mo...

Dec 23, 2015No Comments457 Views

Asos HQ dispatched 1,300 shiny parcels last week and it had absolutely nothing to do with Christmas. The free gifts were instead part of a


Christmas shopping set for four-day take-of...

Dec 18, 2015No Comments281 Views

Britons are going to go on a spending binge in the next four days that will blow the Black Friday long weekend’s spending out of


Future world revisited: Welcome to cashless...

Dec 17, 2015No Comments266 Views

Three stories have really excited my interest this week. And no, it’s not the Burberry ad campaign nor all those pre-fall collections. Instead it’s: Robots


Which two leading luxury brands are messing...

Dec 14, 2015No Comments542 Views

This report may be telling us something we think we know already, but it should also make scary reading for many people working in luxury


Digital India: Ready for take-off

Dec 11, 2015No Comments320 Views

It may not be the world’s most mature e-commerce market but it’s set to grow 10-fold in the next five years. Which market am I


Alibaba’s Taobao gets serious about luxur...

Dec 10, 2015No Comments296 Views

Alibaba’s getting serious about the quality of the goods on its platforms and wants to attract more high-end brands. How’s it going to do it?


Digital luxury: Must try harder says L2… ...

Dec 08, 20151 Comment557 Views

Hey, guess what – e-commerce is becoming really important to the luxury sector but not enough luxury brands quite ‘get it’ yet. OK, tell us


Digital divide as millennials prepare to ma...

Dec 04, 2015No Comments624 Views

A new day dawns and we get a whole new set of figures about the Holiday shopping season, as well as another insight into just


Mango fast fashion gets faster; digital is ...

Dec 03, 2015No Comments465 Views

Spanish fashion giant Mango had big news Thursday announcing its move from a fast fashion business model to an even faster fashion one and an


Cyber Monday, Black Friday: Big numbers and...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments338 Views

The intense focus on numbers at this time of year can be rather wearing, not to say confusing. Every day it seems we hear about


Netflix and chill? Forget partywear, Cyber ...

Dec 02, 20152 Comments464 Views

Given we’re headfirst into party season, with every retailer online and offline focusing their efforts accordingly on occasionwear, you’d be forgiven for thinking sales over


Tablets still key in an m-commerce world sa...

Dec 02, 2015No Comments288 Views

Two things became very clear from Cyber Monday. Well, a lot more became clear actually but for now I’m focusing on just two. Mobile is

A Polo Ralph Lauren associate trying out the interactive fitting

Digital snippets: Ralph Lauren’s conn...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments574 Views

Here’s a round-up of the latest stories to know about surrounding all things fashion and tech… Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs debut interactive fitting rooms

John Jewis Christmas Ad 2015

Black Friday: Best day ever says John Lewis...

Dec 01, 2015No Comments315 Views

John Lewis celebrated 150 years of successful trading last year. But that was nothing compared to the celebrations today as the company revealed its biggest


Cyber Monday keeps top e-shopping title

Nov 30, 2015No Comments357 Views

Another day, another special retail event. It’s Cyber Monday (as if you didn’t know) and the question is: will it retain its status in the


M-commerce: Shopping’s brave new world is...

Nov 25, 2015No Comments493 Views

M-commerce rules! Yes really. It’s not just the heir apparent of retail shopping channels, it’s about to be crowned king. An IBM Watson study says


Comment counts: Are you prepared for Black ...

Nov 25, 20151 Comment485 Views

With Black Friday on the horizon, retailers should have completed their final stages of preparation, ready to capitalise on the sales potential of the day


Hugo Boss: Forget tier-2 stores, it’s all...

Nov 25, 2015No Comments552 Views

You know times are tough when high-end brands rein-in their store opening plans and start talking up their web strategies instead. The latest to do


From land robotics to drones – the future...

Nov 24, 2015No Comments568 Views

The last mile is often the most inefficient and costly part of getting online purchases into the hands of the consumers who ordered them. Once