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Hermès celebrates silk with illustrated vi...

Sep 24, 2014No Comments1631 Views

Hermès has launched a pop-up e-store dedicated to its silk squares, shawls, twills, scarves and stoles. Illustrated in quirky Hermès style by Pierre Marie, Lamaisondescarrés.com


Levi’s celebrates stories of a “bil...

Aug 06, 20141 Comment1206 Views

Levi’s has launched a digital platform set to host everything from shoppable videos to consumer-generated imagery as part of its new Live in Levi’s global


Velocity revisited: key quotes from Stefan ...

Jan 09, 20131 Comment888 Views

I recently rediscovered my copy of Velocity: The Seven New Laws for a World Gone Digital, written by Ajaz Ahmed of AKQA and Stefan Olander